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Was seriously tempted to buy a new camera the other day, ended up fixing my old Canon IXUS that I used to like a lot.

So school has been warning kids they'll learn algebra soon. Won't happen before summer though at there's only 4 days left.

I suspect school still doesn't tell anyone why algebra super is super useful. If they don't I guess I should sit down and write something about motivating kids for algebra, then test it out and update it.

Well, beween chores, 5 kids and working from home because of COVID-19, let's see what I have time for.

This has been happening a lot lately in Visual Studio Code:
Cannot reconnect. Please reload the window.

[Reload Window] [Cancel]

Wonder if it is caused by the new WSL2?

On a related note: my iPhone managed to switch from my headphones to the car media system both when my wife started it and drove out of the driveway and also as she came back.

Probably not a trivial edge case to fix, but shouldn't be impossible.

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BTW: Never saw the movies but still like this collection a lot, probably because it is powerful and contains little lyrics.

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Always try to start my day with a podcast and a coffee, but when I work and it comes to focusing on coding while the kids are still home then reach for . The last few days this has been my starting point:

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Good afternoon friends! Woke to a morning so bright & familiar it felt like the past few overcast days must have been a long dream. Wind too brisk for warmth, but a sense of vibrancy & freshness everywhere. Maybe a few days of rain were what the trees needed most–it feels like the canopies are reaching their full grandeur now, leopard-spots of sunlight shivering under the trees.

A little lingering stiffness & fatigue, but overall brighter & relieved in my body.

May we grow in compassion today!

Something weird happened today: Really really early in the morning sometime I did a Google search[0] and all of a sudden it seemed like I was getting good old Google back. I had a typo in my query and it told me honestly that it only had two relevant pages!

The fact that this is even worth mentioning says a lot about my experience with Google the last ten years or until I switched to duckduckgo a year or two anyway.

Is there a way to make this experience the default?

From: : "This law (that also applies to Germany and Switzerland) tries to prevent making websites about illegal stuff and whatever other reasons they have, but they don't get that this is not preventing people from making such websites.

It only prevents people like me to have a normal website where I want to write about stuff that interests me. This is also the reason why I'm using this great service instead of having my own website."

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Started the #100DaysToOffload challenge. It's going to be ... interesting.

Thanks to @kev for putting this particular style of self-agony together.

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I wish my markdown files could be included when refactoring. I.e. when I mention a method in the docs and that method changes, I want my markdown to be updated as well.

Alternatively, something like Javadoc, only for all programming languages and better suitet for explaining the big picture.

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Oh, and I'll ask again: Roughly what subset of webstandards are shared between these small-tech browsers?

* Rhapsode
* Lynx
* Dillo
* Netsurf
* Weasyprint, Pandoc, or other HTML2Foo converters
* w3m
* emacsww
* links/elinks/elinks2
* curl, wget, etc (I have my own as subcomponent of Rhapsode "HURL")
* arachne for MS-DOS
* etc

This could serve as a nice base for webstandards outside of the overwhelming Google (and Apple+Mozilla) influence at the W3C!

Slack ux, positive 

Another nice UX detail in recent versions of Slack is that editing older messages using keyboard shortcuts has become even better:

From the edit field, just arrow up until you see the message you want to edit highlighted and then press e.

Slack ux, positive 

Ah, slack for all its UX problems did something really nice today.

In a kind of new installation I was tabbing around when after pressing tab a few times it popped up something along the lines of "navigating Slack using keyboard?" and what looked like so useful shortcuts.

I can't know however since I mistook it for something else at hit ESC withing a split second :blobsad:

Pondering Webdev>React>Absolute imports 

Hmmm. This looks useful;

(Although I'm a seasond dev I'm kind of new to React and its ecosystem. Suggestions/gotchas to be aware of welcome.)

Frontend development, JavaScript 

I still think JavaScript was the wrong language for the web, but given how it started out it has improved a lot. Last month I started using this: which improves the language a bit more.

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That's what they did a few minutes ago anyway. My wife is home so it is my day to work today and I'm now in my office, noise canceling headset on, listening to instrumental trance..

Now I guess it's time to turn my timeular back from "goofing off" to "work on predefined tasks" : )

BTW: That device is particularily useful these days.

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