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Was seriously tempted to buy a new camera the other day, ended up fixing my old Canon IXUS that I used to like a lot.

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it's international men's day everyone, let's hear it for the lads, the boys, the dudes and yes, even the fellas

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We have pushed almost 200 commits since v0.10.6!

It's safe to run the dev branch in production to use all the awesome new features.

v0.10.7 is near 😎


Am I missing something or is the https alert box from old IE the most useless thing ever: caution! caution! Be aware, you are now sending data iver an encrypted connection so nobody can eavesdrop on you!

Not only once but every single time you load a page over https until you get annoyed and turn it off :-|

Can we make as hot as ? 🤔

Because then a good chunk of us could claim years of experience.

We could also rebrand all our programming conferences as machine teaching conferences and we'd start off with a large chunk of successful applications to show as evidence for our approach.

Maybe we should have some certifications as well :-)

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Finally getting around to wrapping up the #WriteFreely v0.11 release. Expect that to come out before the weekend!

In case anyone wonders about the part about "multi million size marketing campaigns": I don't have access to Google internal documents but given that AFAIK no one else except Chrome has ever secured an ad spot on the front page of Google it feel justified to say that it must be expensive in some way or another.

And just like IE it is less about the technology (IE actually had some good ideas) and more about
- big companies killing competition using raw market force (bundling deals, intentional and or very convenient incompabilities, multi million size marketing campaigns).
- developers not caring to do any verification in anything but the biggest most well-known browser.

Another toot: During the last decade went from being the n hundred pound gorilla to almost extinct while went from hero to badguy.

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Started training a bot that tries to analyze and identify hate-speech on Twitter.

A few things became quite apparent after only a few days:

1. There are huge networks of (seemingly) fake accounts that like and retweet each other's posts. Someone is operating this at a _massive_ scale.

2. Reporting and banning fake accounts seems futile. You're fighting a hydra that spawns new accounts quicker than one can report them.

3. I'm feeling sick to my stomach just browsing through the logs.

I don't know what is most annoying: web sites adding after I have registered or Google not sending me on another multi step image recognition quest to prove I'm not a robot - despite knowing me far to well for over 10 years.

was a force for good, now it is a way to extract unpaid labour, implemented in a stupid way.

More from : In ten years reCaptcha has changed from brilliant and good to lame and almost evil.

"Data is the new oil" they say. I guess that means I am now a roughneck 🤔

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Thanks to @d3adman for reminding me, here's another one: all mainstream browsers support more features than the best browsers did a decade ago, back when we fought tooth and nail to convince management that we needed to support all browsers. Yet many developers, including framework developers can't be bothered to do even basic testing in anything but Chrome it seems.

There's a lot more to write about this topic but I got work to do now.

Oh, and Google has officially left the idea about "not being evil" behind and is doing its best to simultaneously work with both the Chinese dictatorship and the American weapon industry.

Back to : Microsoft has become an champion, while Sun got bought by Oracle and their tech is now used in an attempt to extort money from Google.

Another huge topic for : Britain decides to leave EU based on a referendum where 51.9% of votes where in favour of leaving the EU. And it gets weirder from there.

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