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Was seriously tempted to buy a new camera the other day, ended up fixing my old Canon IXUS that I used to like a lot.

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This post is pretty hilarious: person in 2013 baffled by seeing a standard 1960s-1990s compact-cassette 'stop' icon in a 2008 movie, not sure what it could possibly mean.

<< Unlike the Play and Record buttons, which are shown meeting standard interface practices of today, the lineup has that odd orange button that is never shown being used. My best guess, based only on its inclusion with the other two buttons, is that it represents a pause function or stop >>

Was searching for something related to security hardening and came across this, which was interesting in its own way:

Fantastic quote: "**Boring**: A praise for things that could go very badly and haven’t. As a teenager I joked that I want to be boring to doctors, lawyers, and police because, if I’m not, something is terribly wrong in my life."


Discussed during the lunch break today (in addition to a couple of other interesting but not relevant to work topics):


Someone made a Java IDE based on MS Paint. One of the more elaborate trolling efforts I've ever seen.

Last time I felt like this was probably with the first version of playframework. I later lost interest in that, probably because it became too tied to an IDE I didn't use at the time or something but I'm not sure.

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Now in addition to getting crazy fast iterations unlike everything we are used to in the Java world (or .Net world for that matter) we also get all the nice things we are used to in the Java world: world class IDE support, straightforward code, the JDK platform - and a huge ecosystem.

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On my way to work. Reading about

Dev deploys are crazy fast, -like php fast:

1. Save source file
2. Alt-tab
3. Refresh browser, results display immediately

In fact it is so crazy fast that it doesn't seem to care to recompile before I actually press refresh in the browser.

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Does anyone know of a tool I can use to check outbound emails on my mail server? I need to see who's shitting spam everywhere 🧐

Awk and grep would certainly work this time but I'd like something I can set up to alert me if an account is sending a ridiculous number of emails.

Only drank half my coffee before leaving the house. Now I'm sitting on the train about to reach for my cup again and again only to realize it is aat home ☕ 😂

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My bank has trackers for Facebook and Google, for instance.

Do Facebook and Google need to know who I bank with and how often? Probably not.

#NoScript #Privacy #Internet

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Things I want to learn about but haven't understood yet:

- Hubzilla (I got it installed it and managed to log in on a couple of public instances but AFAIK never talked to another person)

- SyncThing (I keep reading grest things about it and I managed to get it running on my phone and my laptop but it seemed I had to poke it to get it to sync)

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🌶: Devs managing prod was a mistake.

So lately the Ministry of Defense or someone has been running TV and YouTube ads about all the stuff they do: draft young people, spend billions on new fighter jets etc. Those ads always ends with something along the lines of: "The intended outcome? Absolutely nothing."

I think it is a really really good ad.

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I heard from a friend of me that one of her colleagues had told her that it took years before her then young kids stopped running for safety whenever they heard an helicopter.

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I am really fascinated by aircrafts. Especially fighter jets. I enjoy the sight and the sound of them. I actually enjoy the sound of them in almost the same way I enjoy way too loud music.

I am deeply privileged this way.

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As I drive to the pet store to get some supplies I see a unusually dark shadow on the sea. Even with my limited experience I am fairly certain it is military vessel.

I enjoy the sight of it. I can't feel a trace of fear.

I leave the store a few minutes later. I see the stern lights of the shadow. It has moved quickly.

I sit down to write this.

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Read this yesterday:

The my colleague pointed me to this one:

which seems worse but didn't get the same attention back in 2015. I cannot even remember it and I thought I used to follow those kind of things closely.

Which means that the trend of giving high profile vulnerabilities names and websites is probably a good thing.

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