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Was seriously tempted to buy a new camera the other day, ended up fixing my old Canon IXUS that I used to like a lot.


Linux Journal Rides into the Sunset

I was surprised and saddened when I read this post earlier today. Yes, the venerable Linux Journal has ceased publication. For good this ...

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anyone have a surfboard made entirely of koa wood, not hollow, but solid, in the 11 foot 6 inch range, they do not want anymore? i will pay for shipping. thanks. serious request

Waiting for pop!_os to download and transfer to USB stick. Configured a couple of system76 machines, a desktop for $4200 and a laptop for $2777, - which might sound extremely expensive until you consider that compared to many (most?) professional craftsmen around here - like carpenters, plumbers and others our toolbox is cheap ;-)

If you visit in Norway, have a look at the walls: there are some huge, impressive around the city, some can be seen here but the ones that impresses / touches me most aren't on that page. Maybe I'll try to get some photos sometime.

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#devops/#sysadmin question. I have a bunch of machines on my home network now (including RPis working as servers), + some in the cloud. What do you use for managing such a menagerie? Is there a piece of software, or a collection of tools, that would let me monitor the health, synchronize configuration, sync SSH keys, or possibly even remotely administer them all?

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Reminds me about walking home from work yesterday and today. The roadside is full of flowers.

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It's surprisingly easy to accidentally be designing a game and not realize it. And designing games is hard. - asark

+ seriously, this is so "Old Microsoft", to introduce a key all for themselves.

> Microsoft testing replacing unused Menu key with new Office key

Feels typica IMO: Nice feature gets removed because "nobody uses it".

What do you expect when you hide away all info about a feature, in this case keyboard shortcuts? Isn't it obvious then that the only ones who use it will be us who have always used it.

I've written again, this time trying to create privacy policies that protect users just as well as the existing ones (ha ha) without needing the reader to have studied law:

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⚠️ Federation Update ⚠️

We have been testing remote follows and will be releasing a huge update very soon.

You will be able to remote follow a supported account (Pixelfed, Pleroma, Mastodon) on another instance. You will see remote posts in your Home Timeline.

The Network Timeline and support for other ActivityPub implementations will follow.

(If you run an instance, please update to the latest commits)

#pixelfed #federation

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Since offering a reward for people to start a blog, a dozen people have sent me emails and mastodon messages asking me to pay up for the blog they created two months ago, or accept their lazy 100 word article about how they set up their "blog", or for their non-technical blog about being discriminated against for their flavor of the week and I'm a priviledged asshole for not giving them money to support their flavor...

Listen. Don't be that guy. You're ruining a good thing.

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Nate Graham sums up the giant steps towards a beautiful and user-friendly desktop made by the KDE Community.

I'm now learning SELinux in between a number of other tasks.

I've used some sort of Linux as my preferred OS for 10 + years and in that time I have tried learning SELinux a couple of times before, just because it sounds very useful and interesting, not because I really needed it.

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