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And another one showing my latest Tee KO shirt. This one resonated with me in ways I find hard to articulate. The box is a reference to HPBraincase's brain case logo - the shirt was made during his 24h stream.

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selfie, eye contact 

Trying to get less scared of / better at taking / sharing photos of myself. So here goes.
Also, dyed my hair recently so wanted to see if I could get a good picture of how it's holding up.

We're about to go live on HPBraincase's 4th anniversary 24h stream, featuring a whole cast of friends including yours truly.
These streams are always a blast, so come hang out!

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Oh! There was an interesting thing on TV the other day about how Bletchley Park's efforts to break the enigma machine were aided in part by some government agents seeing of a marine biologist's paperwork that he specialized in the study of cryptogams and misreading that as cryptograms brought him on sight and explained what was going on before discovering their mistake.
"I see. Very interesting. So why do you need someone who studies oceanic microbiology?"
"That's what I do."

So apparently there's new score run tech in Spelunky that allows consistent gold duping. Really interesting stuff, good writeup here:

Also this tweet contains my new favourite adjective: "Pannenkoekesque"

(Pannenkoek is a youtuber and SM64 TASer that makes detailed videos explaining how all the various tricks work. Highly reccomend his channels and if you're interested in this kind of stuff)

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So everyone knows: Canadian comedy troup Loading Ready Run is doing their annual charity marathon. Its a LOT of fun, and I watched for 7 years before donating. They do skits, dances, all sorts of fun stuff, and just watching helps get them onto Twitch's front page.

They have an entire TEAM moderating their chat, and many of them are on Mastodon (though are not very active).

Did I mention it starts in 30 minutes? And @DialMforMara made this prize for it?

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The traditional Desert Bus opening: "Welcome people of all races, abilities, genders and locations"

Another one they use a lot: ""from near and far, young and old, people of every shape ability and gender"


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Welcome to Day 0 of Desert Bus 2018!

The bar is playing All Star, Sandstorm, and every other song meme we’ve ever heard!

What is happening


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Your attention, please: Round-trip Desert Bus service from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV begins in *less than one week*.

Get on the bus!

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This is really cool. This person used a deep-dream-style thing to produce images that tried to maximise the response of two neural networks at once, producing images like "Beach, but also NSFW" or "Canyon, but also SFW".

In practice, it creates some very pretty abstract art that happens to have dicks, boobs and vaginas hidden in it.

Though the mastodon web interface has a visible scrollbar on every column now for some reason.

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Finally took the plunge and switched to firefox. Liking it so far - everything basically just works the same, which is all I really wanted.

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my friend @Kells's super cute game 'Calico' is up on kickstarter this month, please check it out if you like cats, magical girls, cafés, and combinations of those :blob_cat:

The kickstarter for @Kells 's game Calico is live! It's a game about running a cat cafe in a town full of magical girls and pets. Check it out:

Today in the hashtag: Interleaved toots about birds and sex work.

I mean, that's probably most days in the hashtag. Maybe more birds today than normal.

Anyone who's interested in a play-and-pass game of Crusader Kings II (where each player plays for one ruler's lifetime, then passes the save along): We're setting up a discord to plan here:

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also: did you know that the idea that humans have a poor sense of smell (compared to e.g. dogs and rodents) is a 19th century myth derived partly from religious politics of the Catholic Church in France
yes seriously

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Got reminded of the old Xerox story today, so here you go. Old Usenet posts about pranks in the name of good security.

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