Finally took the plunge and switched to firefox. Liking it so far - everything basically just works the same, which is all I really wanted.


Though the mastodon web interface has a visible scrollbar on every column now for some reason.

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@ekimekim Probably something to do with Firefox's lack of support for scrollbar styling

@lunik1 I kinda get why they made that decision. I wish they had a way to enable these kinds of "deceptive styling" and other fuck-with-the-user APIs on a per-site basis, similar to how sites need permission to access camera, microphone, desktop notifications, etc.

@StarlitGhost Is there a bug on masto for tracking this? Alternately, some kind of extension or script that can add a CSS tag to hide them? Or is the problem that firefox doesn't actually allow them to be hidden (which tbh kinda makes sense for a lot of other sites)

@ekimekim there's an 18 year old bug for it, I'm not particularly hopeful

although supposedly the w3c are standardising something

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