I've spent quite some time trying to figure out how Mastodon works and how to use it. I'm nearly there. Toot toot!


I'll make a poll: how difficult did you find it to understand and get into Mastodon?

@ella Just slightly. I had to "unlearn" some of the things I picked up over the years. This felt more comfortable though

@ella Little of the interface and more of "I can curate my TL". On Twitter, this was hard, so I didn't try. Whereas on the Fediverse, I can not only follow the maximum number of people I can interact with, I can also avoid instances that never moderate

It's a bit like ownership of my social media experience all over again. I love it here

@cypnk oh that makes sense. I perdonally am not a fan of social media and have avoided platforms like Twitter. Good to hear it's better here!

@ella finding an instance i'd want to stay on was more difficult than anythign else.

@locksmith ah yeah my choice fell on the largest instance before any other consideration, fortunately instances don't matter too much :blobcheer:

@ella if you think you're posts might be controversial, then it might matter :P

@locksmith then I hope that won't be a problem for me :p

@ella @Gargron I think this question is better be split to two questions: level of tech knowledge and this one.

I believe people with prior tech knowledge (like programmers) will find Mastodon easy to get into, while people with small tech knowledge (regular people) will find concepts of decentralization difficult to understand and may struggle to discover good content for them around here.

@sasha_sorokin @ella @Gargron the explanation that works best for non-technical people is "like email but social media", adding examples of being able to send mail across providers.

@ella Only issues I had was figuring out what Android client to use and which instance was right for me.

@Batcastle the instance; clients can be changed easily. I simply chose the most popular instance without further consideration and quickly felt like it was a mistake.

@ella You can move instances in your settings. Personally, I have been considering getting a second account on another instance, but still using this one.

@ella , I find Mastodon better then bird site

@ella It may be Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon or any other social networking platform, it takes some time (mostly less) to understand the basic concept.

@ella I got confused when it said that my userid would work across all servers. So I tried to log in with my userid on other instances and it didn't work. Turns out that it works for following individuals across servers, not for logins.

@ella Main issue I think is how to find some good people to follow. Otherwise you stay with an empty timeline and can give up easily.

@ella I am still new here and learning, so can't say I solved this.

But working on this tool:


To help find people more easily (still in the early beginnings - but hopefully can be useful).

@ella I'm finding it difficult to find people that I actually want to follow and keep up with. I don't yet know anyone that uses Mastodon as their main social platform.

@ella Once I learned to not get all confused trying to figure out how the whole "instance" thing worked and just dive in, it went very well. I finally figured that out after awhile.

The similarity of the UI design to TweetDeck also helped a lot. I'd been using TweetDeck for a good while before I joined Mastodon, so figuring out the UI was a piece of cake.


I just created an account and it took a while to get an email verification. Trying to de-google and use more ethical services but it seemingly comes at the cost of convenience

Still very confusing to reply/boost/favorite federated posts on web...

@Supuhstar I agree! The mobile client Fedilab feels much easier to use for me.

@ella there needs to be a better UX around following fediverse accounts. Too many clicks between the fediverse.

@Acaii definitely! I find the web client easier to use than desktop applications but it's not very convenient when you start visiting other instances, which the Fedilab mobile app handles well. Still, it could be more convenient. I think the structure of Mastodon is part of why the fediverse is hard to navigate.

@ella Mastodon has great features, but it's unclear and foggy to use. The all
1) replying method on the side instead under the post,
2) moving to another screen when I want to see comments instead of just unwind the conversation and so on
its messy... could be more intuitive.

@ella i'd say it's slightly difficult at first (as with most things when you try them out for the first time), but i'll get used to it over time. i like the concept of there being a decentralised network, but i don't really know that much about it at the moment, so i'll just stick around and see how it goes

@ella @Gargron Like others here, finding people to follow seems difficult. The platform feels slightly like Twitter but with different terms, however you can a stream of toots for your little space/server. If it’s more than that then I’ll need more time to adjust.

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