Seem many people want a function as "Facebook groups" that people from different instances can join... I discussed with them.

I think this is very important for the user stickiness of fediverse, which can group the minority groups (for example, LGBTQIA, gamers of a certain game, etc) without the monitoring and controlling from big enterprises and let them have a space. I agree instances with certain topics share the same function but 1 account can join 1 instance only, I think after people joining Facebook, they won't just join 1 group for 1 account only, right? The most discussed topic is coding on fediverse, but there are many minority groups want a space.

If someone is "bisexual" but not interested about coding, he/she saw almost all of posts on "The Whole Known Network" are about coding and anime, then he/she might leave fediverse because he/she can't find some people he/she can related with.

I am looking the help for people can build this function.

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@Snow @LemmyDev might be what you're looking for, let me know if it is or why it isn't

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