Listened to another General Intellect Unit episode on Post Open Source. A bit of a downer this one, to be honest – it’s about FOSS being ‘dead’. Free software having died a while back, and open-source being recently departed. There are many valid points. It’s based on this article. Need more time to digest it and read the article.

@neil I read the article, and agree with a lot of it, but they are missing something that is hinted at in their final statements:

"in a word, capitalism.

"if post-open source wants to not die the same death, it will need to explicitly and aggressively fight its greatest existential threat."

I see lots of anti-capitalist communities creating and/or adopting their own software.

If they can't get at the code, they will fail.

Call it what you want.

Non-dominium agreements might work...

@bhaugen @neil nevermind the irony of them using big-C capitalistic infrastructure to carry a pro-marxist? angle about free software supposedly dying.

it's a lot of dissonance.


@bhaugen @neil

i mean forgetting the fact that argument takes mozilla and makes them the ultimate pass/fail test for all of open source.


@bhaugen @neil the original article proffered by someone who's been programming a decade.

i probably thought i knew everything after 10 years in the field too.

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