one thing strikes me about the most vocal rank & file trump supporters, the 'joe six-packs' of the world... how uneducated they seem to be.

let's not mince words: reallllly fucking dumb. failed by their upbringing, and unable to properly educate themselves about anything. easily misled because they don't have the tools to know better.

the depressing thing is, it's literally millions and millions of people.

how does anyone even begin repairing a large segment of society like that?

how does one make dumb people not dumb, without it immediately making it seem to them that it's some libtard agenda to brainwash them and take away their guns?

dunning kruger effect also.

also i am having difficulty finding "unity" with people who wear 6MWE t-shirts and whatnot.

i want to support my fellow citizens that aren't trying to burn everything down.

so, obviously, there needs to be some sorting done on this. we can't "all" come together and heal.

i don't need to share my space with neonazis, et al. it doesn't matter if they didn't get enough love as a child, that's not on anybody to fix. fuck fatalism. you're an adult, you make choices, and they stick to you.

I'm convinced it's almost entirely a failure of the education system. The other factor would be culture surrounding education which further perpetuates a culture of anti-intellectualism.

Firstly, the rigidity of school alienates a lot of people. Not everyone learns the same way but the education system doesn't properly accommodate that. That leads to a huge amount of alienation right off the bat.

Secondly, people are always taught facts but not how those - 1/3

facts were come to. As a result, people believe the facts they've been taught are baseless.

There is no structural change to fix this at this point. We just have to hope that these people will be balanced out by sanity and their culture will be overwhelmed and die. Maybe a unifying leader would help but I think you're more likely to win the lottery than that to happen soon.

When talking to people you disagree with, be sympathetic and judge as quickly as possible (so as @elliptic
- 2/3

to not waste your time) whether they will ever change their mind or are even capable of engaging meaningfully.

Not necessarily only talking about trump supporters here BTW - make your own inferences about who I mean (as centrist as that sounds). @elliptic
- 3/3

@tukan agree 100%.

i was one of those kids that didn't fit into the one-speed early childhood education system. one year, they handed out all the books (which included workbooks), and gave out first assignments. i took everything home for the weekend and did the whole year's work before monday. i just had fun finishing all the exercises. school didn't know what to do with me after that. stuck me in what was supposed to be a GATE class but was an unfilled position.

Not a surprise. School sucks for anyone that isn't perfectly average. It's kinda fucked up that the smartest students often feel just as alienated in the environment as those with learning disabilities. I'm lucky to have fit the "average" description but even I can see how inefficient the whole thing is.


i wouldn't call myself smart, but i am resourceful and capable of learning most things whenever i need to, on my own.

i think intelligence is something a bit higher than just learning things. the smartest people (imo) are constantly humbled by what they don't know and about the expertise that others have.

it's a fine line to learn from others and still have the awareness to not be misled. that's the line i try to walk, not trying to be the smartest guy in the room.

I think that's a good place to be. Can never go wrong with humility. Also, you're right; being able to separate bs from useful information is an incredibly useful skill. It's surprisingly difficult and it's only something I've discovered I need to do recently. It's alarming to imagine how many people haven't figured out how to do this yet, not that I blame them anyway.

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