spent some time on thedonald dot win this morning, trying to appraise what the aggrieved (aka "censored") majority had to say.

it's profoundly funny/disappointing to see so many people whose whole singular identity now is to just blaming leftists for everything.

"say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, dude, at least it's an ethos"

just imagine the fMRIs on whatever would be considered the average participant.

also, it's a heck of a psyop.

i think it's funny how quickly the republican party went from

no regulations/let businesses act according to their interests


censorship/it's the end of america

fucks sakes.

i don't think anybody has any idea what modern conservative principles are anymore.

the web brigades probably didn't intend to set the GOP on fire in due course but either way it's probably amusing to them they could cause so much damage.

meanwhile, guy in 6MWE shirt pouring milk into his eyes asks: "et tu, brute?"

@elliptic I think a lot of lessons are being learned. Moderate republicans are learning they shouldn't support Trump. The world in general is learning that social media isn't a free conduit of communication like phone lines are, it can be and is censored. Libertarian republicans are learning that lack of regulation in a domain can work against them sometimes. (The "no regulations" mindset was always a non-starter unless you want companies selling toxic beans etc.)

@sjb i hope you're right.

the polling after the capitol mob still showed a majority of republicans supporting trump.

i'm hoping people cool off and get their heads right.

@elliptic I guess when I said "moderate republicans" I was thinking first of the politicians who have to work in the middle of this mess. Changing the grass roots might take longer (and having a different party leader)

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