@sjb as it happens i just finished sampling a bunch of mobile games. not that one though.

i’ve never felt more like a lab experiment as i have during a mobile game.

i feel so dirty.

Advertising is the slow murder of a person’s independent thoughts and the mind that might otherwise house them.

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#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details: twitter.com/spotfoss/status/13

Turned on Faux News briefly and smack into Greg Gutfield ranting, blaming Democrats for creating racism.

So much for unity, I guess.

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1A doesn't mean you're guaranteed free speech anywhere except a street corner.

i think what's at issue here is, if people are being honest, is people want the freedom to talk shit in private spaces that are shared with people they disagree with. that was taken away from trump, for good reason, so now it's been inflated to be a free speech issue for everybody.

sedition/insurrection/treason is a valid reason to bump people from ANY platform, full stop.

@progo @hector

obviously streaming hi-def porn is a different business than hosting twitter-like content (especially if rich media uploads are not supported). pornhub involves a lot of bandwidth, media licensing and lawyers, and so on.


i'm not sympathetic to anyone providing a platform for sedition. you wanna do that, you'd better be prepared to run everything yourself down to the real estate. no whining, no excuses. and yeah, be your own bank too if need be.

@progo @hector

there are lots of ways. but it involves jurisdictions and so on and so forth.

the high level of what the pirate bay did is covered on the wiki page for them.

just using tor solves a lot of these problems at no cost.

@progo @hector

if mastodon can't be run cheaper than it is, that's either a problem with its design or a problem with the way it's implemented in software. i haven't dug into it to have an opinion one way or another. in a sense, it's not particularly relevant since in this case, the aggrieved party just doesn't have the technical expertise to get themselves out of a situation of their own making.

@progo @hector

no not really. again i would point to tpb (the pirate bay), which has been evading shutdowns for decades, and on a global scale, not just in the usa. and it was started by kids.

to your point about banking:

it's ironic that zerohedge, of all things, which has taken an advocacy position on bitcoin/altcoin for years, now saying that banks are gatekeepers for speech.

umm.... what?

@progo @hector

whatever it means to be "conservative" or "republican" in 2016-2021 and beyond seems to change with the moment to suit.

If the shoe were on the other foot, Republicans would be screaming that people should set up their own stuff and that the free market would solve everything eventually in a better way than government ever could.

Conservatives have no idea what they stand for anymore, only what they're against as of 5 minutes ago.

@progo @hector

Internet services are not "common carrier." Right? Conservatives tried very hard to get ISPs away from common carrier in the FCC with Ajit Pai killing net neutrality ... they wanted to preserve the right of business to discriminate at will. e.g. the "gay wedding cake" issue. And Republicans were fine with twitter, amazon, cloudlflare -- all of it -- until they dropped the banhammer for seditious content.

Now all of a sudden, conservatives want everything regulated. Shocking


i'm just concerned that we're hardwired towards tribalism as a species, and until we somehow fix that tendency, it's not going to end well for any planet we're going to attempt to inhabit.

but i get it. if we learn how to grow plants on mars, those plants would have application for extreme climate change scenarios here on earth.

our true existential crisis is cultural, and: culture shapes genetics.

@urusan it does stand to reason though, that our species should figure out how to manage this planet appropriately before we attempt screwing up another one, or perhaps we ought not to be a multiplanetary species. otherwise we're the villains in a pulp sci-fi novel.

@[email protected] i do have qubes on one machine, but what i do is significantly beyond that.

anyway, very few people should try to do things the way i do them. i was just clearing up that i don't use that stuff, because reasons, but it wasn't commentary on what you should use. your case / motivations / etc are almost certainly very different from mine.

@[email protected]

it's complicated.

everything is compartmentalized to the context of the account that is doing the communication. it's not all mixed together. i have many email accounts that i talk to exactly one recipient on, if that makes sense.

that's the simplest way i can explain it.

@[email protected]

(i don't run gnome or kde or anything myself, it should be noted.)

@[email protected]

for thunderbird, there's a cardbook extension which allows import/export in vcf and csv formats.


you can install thunderbird and add that extension and try it.

if gnome contacts can't import vcf, you might be able to get it to import csv.

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