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Han suspendido también a Proserpinasb en Twitter, por lo visto :(

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Le han suspendido la cuenta a Joan Planas, pero es que viendo esto que me ha pasado mi señora la pregunta es ¿qué coño se imaginaba? Es que en serio, el primer tweet, aunque sea una crítica MUY MAL HECHA -pero mal hecha, eh-, pase, pero el segundo TELA marinera.

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The left-wing narrative about online abuse is, predictably, counter to reality.

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"Where is the freedom if you use Free Software but proprietary cloud services?"

@nextcloud can compete with proprietary data silos like O365, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, because they are standing on the shoulders of giants and can use all of the fantastic #FOSS innovations: With Free Software they are more then #Nextcloud. They are a big #community and together we can compete with these companies.

Great talk by @Karlitschek "How I forked my own project" at #libreplanet

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Discourse forum software is considering federation with ActivityPub:

There are already tools to port communities from phpBB, etc into Discourse. If this happens, many forums will be able to join the Fediverse.

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Unless you're planning to murder the people you fear, closing the door to conversation with them is probably not an effective tactic. This is especially true when they are a huge fraction of the population.

To the people who organize around shunning - are you planning to kill the people you disagree with, or do you just have shitty tactics? Either case wouldn't surprise me.

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I know some people are VERY against the idea of being seen as right-wing in any way, but how do we deal with the fact that left-wingers are systemically silencing us on the internet while right-wingers are encouraging us to speak freely even though they disagree with us? I'm tired of pretending we have the moral high ground.

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@DejaVu It essentially means there are 350,000 users on the Fediverse we can no longer interact with. But 98% of all activity on this site is between Spinster users anyway, so it doesn't affect us that much. The whole rest of the Fediverse largely federates with us though. Their loss.

Bou boosted seems to have silently decided to block 5000 women on the Fediverse.

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Some people are acting like we're in bed with right-wingers just because we have an open border policy with a free speech server. But there are 1 million Gab users. Where are all these evil hateful people commenting on our posts? Shouldn't we be seeing swarms of them attacking us?

No, they'll probably only see your posts if they follow you, or if someone who they follow boosts you. The only ones that will follow you will be ones who are sympathetic to your views. Believe it or not, Gab does have normie conservatives, moderates, centrists, and even leftists for various reasons (myself included).

We rarely see true opponents except for the few times Andrew Torba boosts one of our posts and we see Gab users in the comments section. It at least opens the door for engagement across the political aisle.

This system is the best of both worlds. There are occasional flukes which we fix through moderation, but honestly most of the reports we get are coming from Spinster users reporting other Spinster users. Engagement with Gab will only happen to the extent that each of us wants it to happen.

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Here's a visualization of the Fediverse you can pan through like Google Maps:

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Someone recently started to work on a native (as in: not based on Subsonic) android app for #Funkwhale. They are looking for feedback and ideas, so feel free to reach out on the corresponding discussion!

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Spinster is not a safe space or an echo chamber. It's a platform for feminist dialogue.

We federate with Gab users are often right-wing or conservative. We allow them to write comments on our posts, to follow our users, and vice-versa. If you don't want this, you can personally apply a domain-level silence on your account to all Gab users with the instructions here:

We don't remove posts from Gab users if they don't break our rules. If you report a Gab user, please tick the box next to the post they made which violates our rules.

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@phoe @jhol @elsacodelcoco @DaveCullen >As for "literal fascists", I have seen the Gab timeline at various points of time. I saw hoaxes like the ones that way 5G is a mortal danger, vaccines are a mortal danger

Ah, yes, the long and storied history of fascists... uh... spreading conspiracy theories about 5G networks.... I mean, remember when the Nazis put those Jews in concentration camps because they thought they were subverting and undermining interwar Germany with their jewy cell phones and jewish reception towers?

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@crossposter @renatolond I've got one question: is there a reason why is blocked?

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🇬🇧 Do you have a question or suggestion regarding the crossposter? Don't hesitate to send it my way! Either through here or opening an issue at !

🇧🇷 Tem uma pergunta ou sugestão pro crossposter? Não fica acanhado e pode me mandar! Pode ser por aqui ou abrindo uma issue em !

-- @renatolond

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@a @gab

#FDroid seems to have decided not to ban #Fedilab.

"As long as Fedilab doesn’t actively promote the gab instance or, it being compatible with it, I see no reason how the app promotes any bigotry.

Neither does a web-browser because it doesn’t include a blocklist for alt-right websites."

"About Fedilab. As I stated earlier, we don’t think it is promoting any bigotry and in conflict with any of the proposed inclusion guidelines."

However they've made an ominous statement.

"While an antifeature doesn’t make sense, we do need to overhaul our inclusion guidelines. This means besides the requirement for fully free software, we need to think about what will not be tolerated inside the repository. This is not an easy thing to do and still a work in progress.

When we are done with that there will be people who won’t agree with our guidelines."

Talking about people being dissatisfied with the policy implies they're going to come down hard on one side or the other. Which side remains to be seen.


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@admin (This really feels *bad*. If the admin of one of the oldest and most well-maintained mastodon instances starts talking about the #fediverse as a toxic world, things seem to have taken a considerably difficult swing. Lessons learnt, again and again: Running instances it not something that happens "automatically". It's not trivial, and it's not easy, on many different levels. It's something that *needs* to be taken into account when trying to find a viable, sustainable alternative ...

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