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Ah-HA! I found myself! Well, shit, now what should I do?

Had gym to myself for a while, so plugged my phone into stereo, put on obnoxious stuff.
Gentleman came in a while later. Soon after, several over-the-top vulgar Mindless Self Indulgence songs came on.
Finally guy heads to stereo to spare my delicate sensibilities: "I assume this is not __your__ music..."
"Actually, it __is,__ but we can change it to something else if you'd like..."
"Oh! Uh, no, that's OK, I just thought..." [mumble mumble fluster flutter]
Kids these days are so fragile! 😂

I'm not even a little bit surprised that the Hawaii missile false alarm involved a shitty UI.

Someone (ahem) made this AAC* board for me because I can't talk right now... 😂 *Augmentative and Adaptive Communication



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