So I saw a Youtube video explaining why the Macbook Air from this year throttles and suffers from performance spikes to easily and found this picture of the internals.

If you are wondering how the fan on the left helps to CPU to cool during any load... yeah, it simply does not. Everything is betted on that heatsink on top of the chip.

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@eskuero welp my thinkpad isn’t perfect but is better than it interesting, now I understand why my colleagues macbook has BBQ option

@eskuero Apple products are overpriced shit machines, news at 11.

@happymoomoo The hardware is overpriced, the software dislike it or not for different reasons has a hell lot of things going for it.

@eskuero Louis Rossmann has worked on a MacBook Air exactly like that. Absolutely loves the concept, he does.

@thatbrickster I actually saw this video, I understand the rage it's fucking bullshit

@eskuero Apple Geniuses probably getting ready to say the decision not to connect the heatsink to the fan was a cost-saving measure.
@verita84 Apple Geniuses are people who work in Apple stores who have no idea what previous-gen things like 3G are.

@eskuero did you see that LTT video where they fixed it by basically adding a thin thermal pad to provide more heat transfer?
@eskuero @thatbrickster
Covered by louis some time ago.

A similar "problem" often exists with laptops where the fan doesn't have any opening for it to suck air. Sometime it's just a pattern made to look like there are holes for it.
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