Hve you considered mounting your $HOME/.cache as a tmpfs to prevent "permanently" caching stuff like thumbnails from other encrypted drives?

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@duponin I mean the easier way is probably just setup a small script to wipe whatever whenever you logout but we like going overboard here

@eskuero Nah but I guess I would chmod 000 instead.

Here it's only used for stuff like npm, Elixir's mix, winetricks, … and it's AppArmor-locked so only apps using it have access to their own repo.

@eskuero unfortunately, firefox and some other useful programs keep profile there, I don't really feel like setting my browser again every time I need to reboot computer =(

@efftoyz Firefox profile is under $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/ at least by default on my debian and arch installs.

The correspondant folder on .cache I assume it just holds web, image and other caches not your preferences

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