The zoomers don't realise how privileged they are to have fresh memes every weak, when I was growing up this was the only meme and we had to make it last for 5 years

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@eskuero a lovely memory and picture, saved for using in letters. Thank you!

You are the author of Collapsed Mastodon add-on, right?

A lovely piece of software. Thanks for that too.

@yann2 Yeah, thanks!

The add-on is abandoned though, it's stopping to work as people move their mstdn versions forward

@eskuero that is a pity, as it was a wonderful tool.

I made a Feature request at the Glitch-Social github, asking for similar functionality to be added to their Masto FE interface.

No response, which is sad. I loved my desktop fully optimized, large writing windows.

Do you think the functionality of Collapsed Mastodon could be included in one of the mastodon native versions? Thank you!

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