I lost half of my remaining braincells working with bash substring substitution

postfix and dovecot is a hell to setup

Me as a five year old telling my mom I would never kiss a girl


Me as a 20 years old realizing I'm actually holding my promise

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People: How to expand LVM on LUKS.

Me: rsync entire root filesystem to backup and restore whoosh

@efftoyz Firefox profile is under $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/ at least by default on my debian and arch installs.

The correspondant folder on .cache I assume it just holds web, image and other caches not your preferences

@Natsura There's not much I can do, it seems an issue with pleroma and I only mantain the instance of this bot, never really dig into the software, which is abandoned at this point, even bunny books could stop getting posts in the future :aqua:

@Natsura for whatever reason the underlying python software doesn't like grabbing posts from fedi.absturztau.be so it probably would not work with that account


@duponin I mean the easier way is probably just setup a small script to wipe whatever whenever you logout but we like going overboard here

Hve you considered mounting your $HOME/.cache as a tmpfs to prevent "permanently" caching stuff like thumbnails from other encrypted drives?

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So I saw a Youtube video explaining why the Macbook Air from this year throttles and suffers from performance spikes to easily and found this picture of the internals.

If you are wondering how the fan on the left helps to CPU to cool during any load... yeah, it simply does not. Everything is betted on that heatsink on top of the chip.

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