@Natsura @[email protected] Indeed bunnybooks is backed up every saturday and the last four copies are always kept :ablobcaramelldansen:

Very pog, Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account to activate/upgrade from Windows 10

Hopefully the year of Linux on the desktop comes before 2025 :acongablob:

Have you reached a point where you considered renaming your files to their hash value because you just tried to save a meme as "daytdfwdvadawda.jpg" and it already existed?

Si por mí fuera la mascarilla sería obligatoria para siempre. Nos convertiría en una sociedad más sana. Y además aboliríamos el rostro, lo cual beneficiaria visualmente a la población (solo hay que ver vuestras fotos de perfil)

After a trizillion years finally fixed VLC builds on my fdroid repo

@kaia It still wonders me that they are allowed to pass the exam without learning manual shifts :aqua:

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