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I updated my laptop for the first time since quarantine started, got hit with 2GB worth of upgrades on Arch packages.

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Mastodon 3.1.4 sets CSP to block all inline styles and my Collapsed Mastodon heavily relies on injecting style into the DOM so any instance upgrading in the next days will stop working with the webextension.

I suppose I can dinamically set all the css properties via javascript but they are a hell lot of lines and certainly will be a performance hit on page load.

Buddy when he has been unable to blink for two months because Andy wouldn't leave the house due quarantine.

It seems like my desktop psu died and I'm not going to compile on my old computer so my fdroid repo will lack updates for a while.

Hopefully no apps were left on broken state

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Also MuPDF library is now built from source instead of using the artifact. I did this mostly because is frequent that the referenced version is changed on the app code frequently before is available on google or jcenter repositories

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In an attempt to be more transparent about the build system for my fdroid repository now my github repository includes the remote and head commit of the submodules for each project, if any

pip now broke on termux because it doesn't provide sem_open for multithreading

To upgrade or not to upgrade the bios, that's the question

Do you use any graphical tool for generating OTP codes on linux desktop?

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