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Have you reached a point where you considered renaming your files to their hash value because you just tried to save a meme as "daytdfwdvadawda.jpg" and it already existed?

Si por mí fuera la mascarilla sería obligatoria para siempre. Nos convertiría en una sociedad más sana. Y además aboliríamos el rostro, lo cual beneficiaria visualmente a la población (solo hay que ver vuestras fotos de perfil)

After a trizillion years finally fixed VLC builds on my fdroid repo

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Getting a lot of graphical glitches but mesa-git fixed them

If you are getting a sddm update make sure you are getting a plymouth update as well :aqua:

🔴 ÚLTIMA HORA | El imperio de Eldia desatasca el canal de Suez

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god bless whoever took the sample pics for cheese's page in the ubuntu software center
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