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The Lord of the Rings: a story where the social elite coerce a trust-fund kid's hard-working gardener into shouldering global risks. Before it's over, he has to physically carry his useless employer (and their jewelry collection) up an active volcano. Ahead of its time, really.

People making jokes about the Facebook services going down make me sick. Anyone who was using an Oculus headset at the time is currently trapped in VR, and if they die there then they die in real life.

Manjaro for the Pinephone shipping unfinished patches to users and the reporting back as a bug upstream. :blobmegasweats:

Seriously, wanting to be extra bleeding edge is fine but this feels like just trying to be a hype machine.

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how do we use the advanced ai on pleroma

Lately I only enter the fediverse to check on bunny books and see how it continues to deliver hilarious and wholesome posts and the replies it gets :ablobcatheart:

Very pog, Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account to activate/upgrade from Windows 10

Hopefully the year of Linux on the desktop comes before 2025 :acongablob:

Have you reached a point where you considered renaming your files to their hash value because you just tried to save a meme as "daytdfwdvadawda.jpg" and it already existed?

Si por mí fuera la mascarilla sería obligatoria para siempre. Nos convertiría en una sociedad más sana. Y además aboliríamos el rostro, lo cual beneficiaria visualmente a la población (solo hay que ver vuestras fotos de perfil)

After a trizillion years finally fixed VLC builds on my fdroid repo

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