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Tor Project, /r/privacy,, the hated one, GNU, FSF & anyone who's trying to protect our privacy...You Have All Of My Respect 🙏

Just "Got it" button, what if i don't get it. i don't want get cookies

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Um.....I think it's automatic (because if it's human then we got a problem here 😂 )


For me as hacker it's useful to get down any site lol — anyway just be careful

You know what "we also want to work together with FBI" means ? it means they will be more than happy to share all of your calls and everything you did with FBI :D and fuck your privacy

he is right, we must stop closed source mess by using only open source apps

So you are sharing my device info but same time you just not sharing my name ? to be honest i would say share my name at least it's more common than my device ID.

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