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Tor Project, /r/privacy,, the hated one, GNU, FSF & anyone who's trying to protect our privacy...You Have All Of My Respect ๐Ÿ™

MR Robot Coming Next Month (at 10-06-2019)! :D

Egypt planning to host big data center for medical data which gets under personal data but you know what? Egypt tried something like it in exams (yes you do your exam online) & guess what ? the servers got DDoS attack ๐Ÿ˜‚ its like wtf we all know Cloudflare its free, use it stupid & then we made an "Egyptian alt for Netflix" & guess what ? its hacked literally after the first day of launch & really Egypt ? Do you think to host something important like this? really?

Well, i love how much @torproject did in fingerprinting problem, i would never think about same solution xD so yeah
No one can fight fingerprinting okay ? (yeah even tor) so they did a smart way that it will never be in my brain, lol & it's they made all tor browsers be same user agent so yeah all like all (wit extra like removed some fonts) so yeah for me its very simple idea but it would never be in my brain xD so yeah @torproject ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

Death note...I'm coming

So i talked with some of members in team & yeah i will help them to release new wake word so i just want take like suggestions like what fit more ? โ€” NOTE: yes you right i suggested lara because company called croft so yeah lara croft xD

Ughhh, c' mon Egypt, First "The Giant Servers For Health & Hospitals" & Now This? Working With Google To Kill Free Speech & Letting Google To See Our Data?

Really Facebook ? people mad because other people can see their posts not because you can see it ? that's privacy from your point of view ?

My ISP Gone Too Far, Imagine Open Tickets About:
1. Complaint about HTTP websites not working after downgrade.
2. Complaint about i switched to new Internet plan without i know.
3. Complaint about speed after downgrade. really slow (from 30MB/s to 0.29 MB/s, its not even 1 MB).
4. Complaint about i will pay more for plan that i did not request.

So yeah It's really bad here :3

Yikes. "The fingerprints of over 1 million people, as well as facial recognition information... was discovered on a publicly accessible database for a company used by the likes of the UK Metropolitan police, defence contractors and banks."

A virus copied itself inside my whole system so everytime i try to run even my browser the virus must run with it so all i can say about that virus IT'S FRICKIG AMAZING VIRUS, I LOVE IT & HOW IT WORKS so yeah it ruined my PC but how it works is really amazing

So cracking (or stealing accounts as you can say) made me see some stuff like website security i mean some websites save your ass like nordvpn (you literally can not do any move before send link to your inbox) so you just use account without change data but in other side some websites like wwe or pornhub its free to go you can do anything without any confirmation maybe wwe do confirmation to both inboxes but pornhub ? no its have worse security that i ever seen

So i made a stupid-small website to get your IPs with webRTC (this was only way to know your IP without other APIs like iplookup website) so yeah i literally just copied code & pasted it but i will work on code later & improve it so until that feel free to use my "open source - privacy respecting IP check up website"

I made a 3 accounts on FB this week & FB just closed all of 'em without any reason they just said we not able to know its real you (because i used TOR network while using FB) so first account closed by that so i made second one & closed too & last one i used normal FB link (not FB onion link) & it's happening again...fuck it, but this time i sent my photo to them & they just said it's not real you & closed account again -_- so FB now have recent photo of me!

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