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i love trump 😂 😂

Bleach manufacturers have warned people not to inject themselves with disinfectant after Trump falsely suggested it might cure the coronavirus:

so even the official and safe place to download my apps is no longer safe, good job google 👏 👏. use f-droid then

Google Play has been spreading advanced Android malware for years:

not gonna lie, i like it now (after i understood it 😂 )

And that's why my friends you should not add paid stuff in open source apps 😂 😂

On the left is a CV but looks like Github and on the right is real Github

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This reminds me why i get scared from twins 😂 😂

What the fuck is going out here(see title or browser and see title of video)...

Let's be honest here...I'm fucking happy because they got breached again 😂 😂

Security lapse exposed Clearview AI source code:

Clearview AI’s source code and app data exposed in cybersecurity lapse:

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