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Francisco Gómez

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You see, Mastodon is the best and only true social network because I can post emojis like :angry_trump:, :anime_mistake:, :gay:, :awoo:, :kappa:, :erogun:, :hacker_s: :hacker_u: :hacker_c: :hacker_c:, :thinking_very_hard:, :slurp: and :emodab:

I was bored so I searched up which Linux release was the first one published on the official Git repo

Hey, dumb question, does anybody know what (meta)data can people at WhatsApp access and read/resell?

Yay, I got my first unfollow on Mastodon! :cookieqt:

At the age of 60, Snoop Dogg will be 420 in dog years

I've just realised I should spending my time on paying attention to the classroom instead of aimlessly trying to reload Twitter and Mastodon again and again.

But then again, it's so much fun to pull off the messages list and see the loading circle thing rotating

I've just found this on my tablet's gallery.

This beauty is beyond words.

"An APFS volume's free space doesn't reflect a smaller amount of free space on the underlying disk" (It will pretend to write data which will be gone after a remount)

There's an Undertale parody on Pop Team Epic referencing the bestestest parodiable material, Mettaton.

This is where everyone dies, right?

Wonder how many people will be offended by this?

I've just seen the Jordan Peterson to Cathy Newman via Pewdiepie.

And wew lad, I don't like to offend people in my process to find the truth, but he sure has good arguments on this one. lol.

I'm glad the Linux kernel uses reStructuredText and not Markdown for its docs.