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Welcome to autism, we question everything, even identity itself, or the foundation of reality.

At least there's neat stuff, like energy aware-scheduling, AMD FreeSync and Google's Adiantum.

But yeah, it's not THAT special.

But we got 4.20 before so it's OK :blobcatsip:

Wow Lay's lineal algebra book is really good (sometimes?)

...otherwise, and kinda ignoring the keyboard, it can be configured to be VERY usable on tablets, which lets me both ignore Windows and do more with the good old GNU and *nix tools

GNOME shouldn't send touch events to apps when I'm using four fingers to slide between areas tbh

sorry I was reading the Wikipedia article on Mastodon and I'm tired :blobcat:


M ale
a to
s female
t presenting
a nipples
n etwork

I can't believe Gargron-senpai noticed me!!!1!

The .gay TLD is not available yet, sad times

I really wish people would stop trying to pit "optimize for user experience" against "optimize for developer experience" and using it as shorthand for native development vs web development.

You can have great developer-focused tools for native apps. Xcode used to ship when it had major QoL improvements for developers, not based on annualized feature-creep releases on whatever shit Apple cares about this year. They should be taking all these great DX features from the web like hot reloading and templating and modularization and embracing them.

You can have smooth, fluid, rich experiences in apps built on platforms that make developer's lives easier, but they can't JUST make developer's lives easier. That has to be in service of better software, otherwise it's just cheaper and faster to build, which serves everyone except the user. Hybrid/web platforms aren't going anywhere, and they should be compelled to improve.

By pitting DX and UX against each other, you're only letting Apple and Google off the hook for shipping crappy monolithic tools that don't scale and hardly improve, and you're letting open source projects get away with reinventing the wheel without improving life for the people who have to use all these apps.

I have not much to do before going to bed

I'll just read the MINIX 3 book :blobcatsip:

I'm rather more concerned about most people actually unironically agreeing with him

maybe it's time to stop the self-deprecating thing with the overall public

I just heard about the recent Keemstar-furries drama

he's just a jerk as usual

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