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A lot of people are curious and worried about Mozilla and Cloudflare's new toy, DNS-over-HTTPS. But how bad is it? :blobcatthinking:


please tell me there's trans girls making SRB2

There's some Deluge (good) and uTorrent (oh god no) as well

> check viral torrent
> almost everyone uses qBitTorrent

well I can't complain too much

So I've just seen a viral tweet stolen by a big 55k followers account... that is like, "hey, remember Etika, check this out, I totally found this out myself"

now that's some internet points milking

(I love that perfect face Markass does here)

Yeah, this is basically going to end up like last year, where people got surprised the iPhone lost to the Pocophone in first round and the Mate 20 Pro almost lost to it too.

πŸ…±οΈitch, you're just checking at a first glance which lower res version of a photo has the prettier colors

BREAKING NEWS: MKBHD scientifically proves that democracy doesn't work

This includes uni classmates who don't know any better, startup guys, far right politicians... :blobpopcorn:

I can't wait for my Twitter followers to get suggested my most recent likes

That's the second time I've seen BDSM as a tech acronym

This is why you have to follow the GAY rule:


that took a while but Twitter TTs are now working again

Firefox added a GNOME search provider. Nice!

Really helpful QOL feature.

Alright, the Twitter balloon thing is so far the cutest thing I've ever seen made by a social media company 🎈

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