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Xerz✈️🗾 @espectalll@mstdn.io

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Just finished. That's been a good bunch of hours not spent on what I want to do.

Which is what always ends up happening.

Amazing purchase, even if it killed my wallet. Massive change compared to my Fx0. Pretty nice high end phone. It's a smol thicc boi (fits nicely in a hand) with good specs, battery performs well even without Stamina (almost 2 days of OS upgrades, hours of music, video…), camera is 100% lit…

Also wanted to talk about what's my channel going to be and show my approach to stuff overall... but I'd rather do that from the video itself since resurrecting the channel is not granted in the first place.

While we're at it, here's the thing I wanted to talk about: I present to you my new son!

Update: still working, no video for now :crying:

WiFi is short for wireless fireless

Just noticed Lain is alive on testing lol

breaking the minds.com anti-abuse measures: A 1337 hacker story in two pictures

@espectalll they just don't want to update their software to support ñ so they found an excuse

I got assigned a good bunch of work, I don't know if I'll be able to deliver the video now lmao

Just got me one of these new computer devices and tried to sign up to Mastodon but Mark Zuckerberg hopped out of it and started digging through my trash can in the front yard. How the fuck do I turn this thing off? Tried kicking him but he started flailing his arms around like a monkey and ran under my car. Fuck Mastodon.

Video this Monday, if gazillions of stuff don't get in the middle.

@Sir_Boops What Does The Amount Of Trans Emojis In Your Instance Say About You? Take This Quiz!

this is the stuff of nightmares

You know you're doing it right when this song pops up in your Youtube