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Top 10 capitalists on The Mastodon Network™️

1- me
2- literally nobody else on Mastodon is a true capitalist, sorry

The integration between MacOS and iOS is so neat esp since it's all built in.. I tried this out yesterday and the quality isn't too bad!!

Gonna try actually scanning it later today and do a comparison.. but the colours is already so on point

@trwnh @ChrisWere @Gargron "In order to be better than Twitter, it has to be exactly like it, except in the abstract ways that we demand Twitter be better"

What bothers me is how bad the headline is. Most people who come across an article only read the headline. Don't think it will do the fediverse any good.

It should be (almost) exactly 10 years since I started using Ubuntu :blobuwu:

I think fedi requires an open mind, or at least, tolerance for the fact that people are going to say things you aren't gonna like, that they will behave in ways you aren't used to, that some people aren't gonna be a good fit for you, and that you're gonna /need/ that block or mute button.

Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for disappointment at best, or pain at worst.

I learned something pretty cool today. You ever heard a song on a YouTube video that was electronic music? It might have been Monstercat. Monstercat has terms where YouTubers who make money via advertisement must pay them $5 a month in order to use them in monetized videos, but unmonetized videos can use them for free. However, their page only lists certain platforms they have deals for like YouTube and Twitch.

Due to how PeerTube is decentralized and doesn't do ad revenue, I was worried about whether or not I could use their songs in a video without risking an entire instance. So, I sent a support request, and they confirmed that it would be fine if people use their songs on PeerTube as long as the Monsercat, the artist, and the song all get proper credit!

So if you're looking to publish on PeerTube and need background music, Monstercat has your back.

I think it was also there in 2.8? But I have only tried today so... and man I wish I had tried before. I feel dumb :blobderpy:

So it turns out you can save selection areas in GIMP 2.10 by doing selection to path, and then apply it back with the reverse process.

Amazing, it truly is a decent image editor.

Is it normal if I become increasingly hateful of not being able to start stuff until I have a name thought out?

I wonder if we really lost Nokia X's SDK. I loved those little phones and almost bought one, but then expected Windows Phone to have more future and a smoother experience. rippo


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