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If anyone says that it's hard to install, there's really not much wrong with the installer, main issue being the disk partitioner which can be usually avoided by leaving space on the HDD in advance. Also Debian 10 should include a new, fully graphical installer which can be already tested.

Looking at an Arch wiki page on distro comparisons, I thought once again about the reasons to not use Debian over anything else, which are:

- Hard to package for
- Systemd is the only option for desktops

I can't really say much else, but it's a shame. Oh well, dpkg isn't the packaging system of the future either, Debian will eventually have to either reinvent itself or die I guess

Small brain: DDoS a single IP
Large brain: DDoS a whole subnet
Galaxy brain: DDoS the ENTIRE INTERNET

I think I get it

I think GNOME Builder's GIO task for Make is killed before "gio run" can open the program it wants to launch


I just wish I could somehow make this briefer but oh well

oh well

at least I have a fully working and beautiful Makefile now :blobcatsip:

specifically, I'm on Debian Sid, and installed gnome-builder-dbgsym, libgtk-3-bin-dbgsym and libgtk-3-0-dbgsym :notlikemiya:

So I've just installed the debug symbols

and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

it works now??????


I think I've found a bug somewhere on GNOME

but where

OK, seems like a GIO-related bug

how do I debug GIO

I have an issue yet, and it's that I made a `make run` just for IDEs like GNOME Builder where for some reason xdg-open won't open the PDF reader (Evince here), instead opening... w3m??? I dunno I have to figure that out

I made a pretty decent Makefile for building Markdown documents, I like it :blobcatmelt: 💗

> "MEMEs"
> "Caricatures, parody or pastiche"
> "are protected by an 𝗼𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 exception"
> assume big websites will manage to somehow tell apart accurately which content is allowed or which one isn't, "but hey, if the filters fail, you can just file a complaint"

thanks European Commission, I feel a lot better now about my maymays

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