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You know there's a problem when the most upvoted comment on a purely tech-related video is laughing at furries and the replies are filled with nazis complaining about SJWs and Jews being cancer and Japanese developers putting their fetishes on Sonic games or something

what if vocaloid ocs were called miku fursonas

How to tell if your university sucks: there are no copies of SICP

A-ha's Take On Me proves that people have been falling in love with drawings for decades already

interesting times, where the EP's vicepresident is speculating about what's going on with the EP's president

stop being a thot and put some fucking cloths on when you take a shower

We're in the weird parallel universe where SD discs are called DVDs and we use the SD name for some small memory cards instead

ACTUALLY just got 9front to boot.


My Surface Type Cover doesn't work so no input lmao

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