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@espectalll you know, I don't think it's the bots we suspected that matters -- but the credit card numbers we gave to our friends.✨

Kids, here's two tips: don't do APFS, and don't go experiment yourself when the instructions for a thing already tell you what happens

There's a collection of lossless Touhou music on torrents that totals at 1.75 terrabytes.
1.7 Tb of lossless touhou music. I for years in the past wanted a 2tb drive just for this.

ok i haven't even started and i already hate being a Windows developer

Apparently I can put Mojave on here with no bugs, according at least to 🤔

OK, got El Capitan up and running, works surprisingly good (yet)

@espectalll iMac De Francisco Gomez Garcia

hyphen hyphen hyphen hyphen


top 10 most fun pieces of software of all time

Let's do this, first here and then straight to High Sierra

Man, I'm glad I made a backup of all macOS versions I could (all of them but one I got directly from the Mac App Store with my account, pls Apple don't sue me)

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