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Checking Twitter, for once, is a delight. People actually realizing that they're being intellectually laughed at. Is this the time where people wake up? Is the "panem et circenses" nonsense they're trying to feed us finally getting over?

I really hope it does, at least.

But I also can't help but remember that there's also many people who support such incendiary and manipulative "speech". And that people may easily forget.

There's an ongoing debate on private TV between four of the five main candidates to president of Spain. It's an absolute joke. No breaking news there.

The interesting part is that people are angry over it. Over the candidates to lead the country constantly interrupting and screaming to each other. Over the ridiculously faked and twisted "data". Over the extreme focus on attacking Catalan separatists and crying about the "coup d'etat". Over how close to the far right the speech is getting.


Seriously, what the fuck do I do now

The tape drivers are found at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS. Apparently you can restore vmcpd.vxd after install and the system will do just fine (not the tape drivers tho). And according to it may be possible to patch the vmcpd thingie without even manually editing the registry, just going to the device manager.

Tooted this so I can help others who are interested. I'll now return to my usual hiatus :blobcatsip:

So I just figured out how to successfully install Windows ME on QEMU despite being seemingly impossible: I installed it as an upgrade from 98SE (may not be necessary), then booted up to safe mode (which told me that it was a drivers issue), removed vmcpd.vxd from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\VMM32Files (rip floating point exceptions) and changed the file extension for drvwq117.vxd and drvwppqt.vxd (rip tape drive support). It Just Works™️


Welcome to autism, we question everything, even identity itself, or the foundation of reality.

At least there's neat stuff, like energy aware-scheduling, AMD FreeSync and Google's Adiantum.

But yeah, it's not THAT special.

But we got 4.20 before so it's OK :blobcatsip:

Wow Lay's lineal algebra book is really good (sometimes?)

...otherwise, and kinda ignoring the keyboard, it can be configured to be VERY usable on tablets, which lets me both ignore Windows and do more with the good old GNU and *nix tools

GNOME shouldn't send touch events to apps when I'm using four fingers to slide between areas tbh

sorry I was reading the Wikipedia article on Mastodon and I'm tired :blobcat:


M ale
a to
s female
t presenting
a nipples
n etwork

I can't believe Gargron-senpai noticed me!!!1!

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