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A lot of people are curious and worried about Mozilla and Cloudflare's new toy, DNS-over-HTTPS. But how bad is it? :blobcatthinking:

You can clearly, transparently, out of any doubt see in this video they're fascists

But even the state TV, controlled by so called left-wing socialists, needs to go out of their way to defend them, at least with their choices of words.

I knew they could steep this low because they have in the past. But it's nonetheless disgusting.

They didn't delete the tweets where they said there were people with Spanish flags tho

This conservative newspaper just deleted this tweet calling actual Nazis *🥁🥁🥁* constitutionalists


Well, what a bold move for a conservative medium, calling the Constitution fascist

deleted link:


time to beddo while things keep getting worse and I do nothing about it but toot with little to no success :blobcatsip:

Here's the examples I can find, that at the very least dare to talk about this:

There's also examples where they avoid talking about what kinds of people they are at all, merely referring to them as "the opposite"

All the media in Spain is whitewashing fascists as "people with Spanish flags", including state media

You can even see them raising their arms, it's ridiculous

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Mozilla stopped advertising across all of Facebook’s businesses because of the company’s data practices. They shifted more of their dollars to offline marketing efforts and content marketing.

OK it wasn't really a soft brexit, it's weird and soft-ish for Northern Ireland but not for the rest

at least if you ignore the Xperia 1 and the Xperia Touch and Aibo

ok hopefully the UK agrees, now next go and solve the Catalonia thing, I'll be waiting :blobpopcorn:

on one hand, I don't think this is protecting/empowering/supporting hate against non-binaries, the intent is to keep the discourse and the subreddit respectful even when talking about non-tolerance

on the other, do you start to understand the issues that come alongside moderation and defining hate speech?

OK, I finally hear something about the ContraPoints drama, and it's that their Reddit mods ban "truscam" now and ask for avoiding pejoratives

In fact, the two only possible outcomes I can see of the elections are either a strong government led by the conservative PP (which would only worsen the repression and rights erosion) or an inability to form government (which would perpetuate the current situation and takes us to yet a fifth round of elections in 2020)

It seems as if peaceful solutions are just either denied or too late. I start to fear for lives being lost and conflict to get militarized if people in power keep acting like idiots and no one, either in politics or in the Spanish civil society, wants to step up.

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