I've just realized that the division symbol (÷) represents a fraction where the numerator and denominator are represented as dots.


@espectalll oh, never realized that! 🤨 I always thought it was strange to have two different symbols (÷ and / )

@espectalll I realized that too... in fifth grade or so.

@Vexatos you probably were paying more attention than I did at the time lol


:) It's a wonderful feeling when the notation ceases to be arbitrary.

A similar trick leads to cute faces and other oddities in some math contexts:
<•,•> or (•,•) for a metric or other map taking two variables. And |•| for norms.

I'm still partial to {(0,0)} though (set containing only the origin in dimension 2) just because whenever it comes up the chalkboard looks like it's covered in owls.

@espectalll that might just be a coincidence: the ÷ symbol was used to represent subtraction in many places

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