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Xerz✈️🗾 @espectalll

Reddit is more popular than Facebook in the US, only surpassed by Google and Youtube.

Let that sink in.


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@quad There's still no way in my mind that Reddit can be normier than Twitter, much less Facebook itself.

@espectalll and here I am gently prodding the chaos with a stick to see what it is...

@espectalll centralize everything

@espectalll I can imagine, at least Reddit isn't plagued by crap "memes" made by 43 year olds who think they're funny, dry and robotic business pages, or the abundance of hypertargeted ads. Facebook is a lame platform, I wouldn't use it. even less now after the Cambridge Analytica scandal

@bryan I'm trusting the heads at Reddit less and less, but Facebook is definitely as low as you can get lol

@espectalll This is false. Facebook is used primarily through its app, and it is the most popular app by far on both iOS and Android. Web site statistics != popularity.

@freakazoid Reddit, however, doesn't require (or at least it doesn't annoyingly demand) registering an account to visit it, thus it's probably more like people use Facebook more as a social network but then Reddit is more popular as a news aggregator.

@freakazoid (BTW, people using Facebook Lite probably count as using the website)

@espectalll That's true, though it has plenty of problems on its own. In general I'm not a fan of "front pages" that have no editorial voice of their own. I guess there are some subreddits that are pretty decent, but you don't need a large, centralized platform for that, just easier to use (and more secure, but IMO that is part of usability) software and hosting than what's currently available.

@espectalll makes me wonder how soon Reddit gets bought by Facebook or Microsoft.

@sandbag_attitude @espectalll Reddit already has a corporate master, Conde Nast. I doubt they'd sell their precious site anytime soon.

@expectocode @sandbag_attitude So Reddit, Wired and Ars Technica are now from the company known for The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair... 🤔


however, Reddit's already filled with horrible things so Facebook users will be quite disappointed when they arrive

(but at least it is a 🖕 to Facebook)