@espectalll also bring back pc cases that aren't black. I'd love a colorful pc case. Like green or yellow or blue or purple

@famicom luckily we're getting more colorful phones lately, which I think are more important (Huawei, Sony, even Samsung), and you can also get a wide variety of desktop case... even with... LEDs...

@espectalll I actually loved how iPhone 5c looked, but nowt the fact that it was just an iPhone 5 in a new case. I hope we see more bright budget phones. That's the reason I loved Lumias

@famicom SAME, I both wanted the 5c and got a Lumia 630. I like my XZ2 Compact's moss green tho.

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@espectalll how's the compact? For me, I feel like 5" isn't exactly "compact" enough. I would've called it an XZ2 Average Screen Size

@famicom It's... small enough. Kinda like the iPhone 8 but thicker and with less width, the most important things (being able to hold it with one hand and fitting in pockets) still apply

@espectalll thanks for the pic. I currently own a 6s+ and it's honestly bigger than comfortable. I think I'll go with an SE 2 if/when it releases

@espectalll imagine if they did an iPhone CE (Colorful Edition). Like 5c, but good

@famicom They could perfectly do it, making colorful iMacs and iBooks was *their* thing, after all, and there's the (RED) edition iPhones.

@espectalll I'd love to see the return of polycarbonate macbooks with all the different colors

@famicom Honestly I think it has just exactly the size it has to have - a tiny bit larger anywhere and it wouldn't work. If you think an SE2 or equivalent would work better... well, I bet Apple is basically going to do the same and just make a slightly-smaller device but with more screen-to-body ration than the 8. We'll see soon.

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