@espectalll @calmbit it's from a custom architecture vm that me and her have been working on for the past few weeks
@espectalll @dr1ft https://gitea.vertesine.com/dr1ft/STARVM is the current home of the VM, although it's still in super-beta mode right now. There are some extra files required to run it that aren't included, but exist on seperate repos on @dr1ft 's account. It's early days yet :)
@calmbit @espectalll I don't even think we can call it beta yet, or even alpha lmao

@dr1ft @calmbit that's call a pre-alpha... perhaps you need some milestones? :dunno:

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@espectalll @dr1ft we're still sorta figuring things out as we go along, but milestones would probably be a good step in the right direction :)
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