I'm having libertarians on my notifications having the shittiest debate I've seen in a while and I'm just like :shrug_yui:

(reminder that I'm a minarchist libertarian, fitting best with the concept of bleeding heart libertarianism)

this video costed me like half an hour to make lol

this is why editing video (with low specs) sucks

@espectalll well that just broke my earphones, good I didnt have them in

@espectalll Hahaha dtluna don't like the people who don't share his thoughts. He is such as an authoritarian libertarian to call him in somehow. If he would be a truly libertarian he would be more tolerant with people who have another political ideas.

@astheroth Pretty much, it's like he(?)'s all for the NAP and freedom but can't even bother with "live and let live"... seen that in a lot of ancaps, sadly

@astheroth @espectalll He jumped into a totally unrelated thread and started arguing with me, then blocked me when he had no arguments anymore 馃槈

@Sir_Boops hell yeah, had the time of my life with all of these over-the-top fallacious accusations disguised as ethical purity and a shitton of unrequested notifications 馃帀 :blobcatsip:

@vaartis yeah, that's something that has always annoyed me of Pleroma (even if they created the first emojo implementation) :crying:

@vaartis I prefer 饾暋饾暎饾暊饾暋饾暊饾暎饾暐饾暁饾暊饾暉饾晵饾暆 emojos but that's just me :blobcat:

@espectalll work out of the box here tho 馃槒馃槒

eh whatever actually lol
how's your day been?

@vaartis worked all day cleaning up the floor of my backyard, digging a hole, putting some piping and sealing it with the power of Flex T- I mean, concrete

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