I honestly expected 0 boosts and said that as a joke - but hey, glad you like it :shrug_yui:

@espectalll i was like i dont boost toots that ask but then i saw the video

@aetios this is SOOOOOO me_irl amirite my dudes 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

@espectalll Yet another video that does not play in the Toot! app, on the web or even on the laptop! I needed to download it and throw it at mpv!

@js oof, what's wrong with that!? I'm only getting complaints for you so far and I'm really just using regular MP4+H.264 :thinking_very_hard:

@js this isn't even a federation issue, we're both in the same instance

@espectalll Yep, something you do with your videos is weird, and Mastodon does not seem to perform any sanitation.

@js I just use ffmpeg to properly convert them, here's the command I used for this one as it'd be too heavy at 1080p:

ffmpeg -i MEOWIN\'\ IN\ THE\ 90\'s-ra6FtdXrH4Q.mp4 -s 1280x720 -c:a copy MEOWIN\'\ IN\ THE\ 90\'s\ \(lol\)-ra6FtdXrH4Q.mp4

@espectalll Aha! You are not creating hardware-friendly videos, so they *must* be decoded in software. When browsers (mobile and macOS) try to use the system framework, that tries to just pass it to the hardware - which can't decode it. Try using -profile:v main

@espectalll H.264 has several profiles. I guess without specifying one, ffmpeg uses all features to encode it as efficiently as possible. But HW decoders don't support all profiles.

@espectalll Add -level 3.1 and it should work down to an iPhone 4.

@espectalll Still won't play. Even says it's 0:00 long. 😕

@js did I type this wrong?

ffmpeg -i MEOWIN\'\ IN\ THE\ 90\'s-ra6FtdXrH4Q.mp4 -profile:v main -level 3.1 -s 1280x720 -c:a copy MEOWIN\'\ IN\ THE\ 90\'s\ \(lol\)-ra6FtdXrH4Q.mp4

@espectalll Hm, nope, this looks fine 😕. I'm not an expert on this, though.

@espectalll I wonder: What's the audio though? Maybe it refuses to play at all if the audio is not the correct format?

@espectalll Ah, it's in the spec. But it's uncommon I guess - never seen that being done.

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@js OK one sec, I have an iOS device at hand

@js Alright, can't play it either from here... wonder why 🤔

@espectalll I found HandBrake's defaults to work on iOS, maybe you can check what they use (I can't right now)

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