Tor Browser protects against tracking, surveillance, and censorship, and we think everyone should be able to use it and enjoy the universal human rights to privacy and freedom online.

We’re in a race with censors.

They're getting more sophisticated, and so must we.

@torproject we need Tor integrated into major web browsers, like Firefox and Chromium/Chrome. That's the only way to get it in the hands of regular users.

@rysiek @torproject How much does WebExtensions allow devs to proxy browser data?

@espectalll there are Tor extensions. Tor extensions are not the solution, since they *require user action* to get installed.

Tor needs to be integrated directly into web browsers, without any extensions or additional actions needed.

@rysiek That's... definitely not a good solution, though. In particular because of network/power usage. I wonder what would happen with speed if there's more traffic – if everyone was an exit node sure, but I don't know how well will Tor scale.

@espectalll there is an idea to enable Tor only in Private/Incognito mode. That makes a lot of sense, I feel.

@rysiek my forecast of what would happen, in one line of a hypothetical user in what I consider to be the most plausible future

"Firefox's incognito is so slow and watching porn is hell, I'm back to Chrome!"

@rysiek you would need, thus, consensus among all the major browser vendors, as well as making sure the network scales to meet the new demand. It could work, but you still have to get everyone to agree.

@espectalll or you could make it into a feature. Tor is not that slow anymore and privacy protection with Tor is way better than anything a bare incognito mode can provide.

@rysiek It can be promoted as such, but it has to be fast enough. Keep in mind there are currently about ~2 million directly connecting Tor users, whereas there are BILLIONS of people using browsers with incognito modes. And there WILL be people using it for the main/sole purpose of intensive activities like content streaming, just like they use it right now.

@espectalll and the new Tor Onion Services are seriously blazing fast, allowing for video streaming.

So yeah.

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