oh boy, they're already using these arguments

can we just like

you know

stop hating on people for not sharing your ideas

and let people enjoy stuff as long as nobody gets hurt

no, being a or "gay shit" isn't hurting anyone, if anything treating them that way is

@espectalll lol get #rekt, #libtard. Ben Shapiro is gonna come to you tonight and le epic destroy you with le facts.

@famicom I can't wait to get lectured about how I got brainwashed by cultural Marxism, please wait while I seize the means of production while I make up with genderfluid queer lesbian feminazis

@espectalll honestly, there are other things on tumblr other than porn.

Not gonna say that there's "a lot" of such things, because tumblr is (in)famous for its vast collections of porn (and sometimes pretty high quality). It's extremely good for extreme fetish/kink kind of stuff.

So I'm sad to see nsfw content on tubmlr go away and I'm not probably gona use the site anymore, but I hope it sticks around, because tumblr is also a host for many fandoms. Would be a shame if it all went away.

@famicom honestly, porn to me seems like is kind of the glue sticking fanbases together, because when people love stuff a lot they tend to link it to sex? Dunno, this is definitely conjecture not based on any scientific evidence, but I feel like it's always at the core of fanbases and it's just going to make people go away who don't care about porn just because friends who do are gone

@espectalll while that’s definitely true, I don’t think that a sizable amount of people will end up leaving. There still will be other people who they can talk you, and tumblr at this point is kinda like and archive of everything already created, so that’d mean abandoning it too OR moving everything while losing all notes etc etc. Basically, it’s overall not too profitable to leave tumblr if you’re there for the fandom, not the porn.

So I guess that most core people will stay.

@famicom I personally doubt it, but it would be nice if at least it was profitable enough to stay afloat to keep the old stuff there. Although it would be better to have federated feeds, but there's no server or UIs that properly fit what Tumblr does yet

@espectalll federated tumblr would be great indeed. What's even better is that it's already almost ready to get federated in terms of its ui, it just needs some minor tweaks.

@famicom Yeah, after all it already has Atom feeds... but like, how would it fit into a timeline? What about the custom styling that gives everything life in the first place?

@espectalll well, there are pleroma instances with custom styles, so it's not like it's some alien concept in fediverse. You'd just have separate styles per each user instead of per each server.

@espectalll Hey, could you put a content warning on slurs, please?

@Caelyn I don't think sampling content with slurs should make the image hide by default, but maybe I should at least properly warn about it? I'll consider, thanks

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