There's not existing attempt at making a specificially JS-less web browser other than stuff like lynx or w3m, right?

Here's why I want a lightweight web browser – all I'm doing is using a Moodle opening up PDFs

@espectalll I mean... You can turn off JS in the major browsers, not sure what other features you'd want out of a JS-less browser

@quarky having the most lightweight and energy-efficient browser possible, by e.g. using a rendering engine based on native widgets and the least CSS support possible

@espectalll Guess I could get that, though lacking CSS support is going to be a very tough sell. you considered an RSS reader?
iirc TenFourFox uses Cocoa objects to render pages though I'm not sure there's much you can actually pass off
like, tables and form inputs, sure. what else though?

@quarky feed readers require websites to implement RSS/Atom, search engines demand HTML to work nowadays, I want to be able to read wikis and such, I don't want to read every news published but the most relevant ones (which is pretty arbitrary but somehow websites + social networks manage to handle that well enough)

@quarky also support for <media> tags would be cool

@espectalll huh, alright
remember when VLC shipped with a browser plugin? that was peak web video, right there. VLC still gets used for web video decoding on some systems which is awesome

@espectalll Unfortunately there aren't many attempts at making a JS-less website these days either...

@lychee I just want to read articles and maybe even play audio/video, that's it

@zeta I mean, it's a decent setup, definitely better than anything else the university has online

@bugaevc not exactly the same approach? But it seems interesting

@espectalll NetSurf, Dillo, and Links are all graphics-capable web browsers without JavaScript. NetSurf is the most standards-compliant of the three — Dillo does CSS much worse, Links doesn't do it at all. They might have a lightweight javascript engine that actually works eventually though.
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