Remember when people used to care about Telegram's source code? :blobcatsip:


like, there's even bugs in Github's UI which lets me check that

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In case you're wondering "duh, they're constantly receiving tweets, they may not even notice in the first place"

1) They have tools like Tweetdeck for that
2) Even if true, there's no other publicly available, official channel to contact them now. Thanks Telegram.

Alright, so there's no more official channels, but there's two pseudo-official ones: Telegram Support, and @TelegramAndroidTalk. We'll see how that works out.

Good news, there's [email protected] for contacting them apparently

Bad news... they seem to have a suspicious corporate structure going on (they're supposed to be based in the UK and US)

@Skoll3 well, other than Twitter they have e-mails for abuse, DMCA and security... and whatever this is...

@lain @Skoll3 they claim it's all Durov's money. Also I don't know if they're actually working on the cryptocurrency thing.

@espectalll >suspicious
could go either way. if you've got money and presumably connections to the ruling family, it's probably as good a place as any to stay out of casual reach of the west.

@awg well that's true of course, although it's more about "casual reach of Russia" than "casual reach of the West" afaik

@espectalll if you're based in Dubai, you're almost certainly as concerned about the "fourteen eyes" as you are about Russia. iirc they already ran into difficulties with interception by german law enforcement, so it seems justified.
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