Hey Internet, since you're so good at dealing with controversial issues, let me ask you

what am I supposed to think of this "fake girl gamer" thing and how it's being presented/treated? youtube.com/watch?v=2k-9D4ZMU2

OK Pewds, get this.

5:02 "this guy […] can't join a pro team, but then as soon as he pretends to be a girl, literally four days voilà, he's part of a pro team"
7:17 "People wanted Ellie to be real so desperately so they can have a woman being harrased"

Are you serious??? Don't you think it's rather because it's so rare to see a girl playing in a pro team and there's so many people wanting to see that happen that it instantly becomes relevant and acts like free advertising? :thinking_very_hard:

I do think people should question someone if they appear from nowhere and are somehow interesting but refuse to show any decent proof that confirms it. But you're hinting at this idea of "girls get privileges just because they're girls" and you're not realizing that maybe, just MAYBE, this just happened because this Punisher dude found an easy way to promote himself with a rare quality in what's otherwise an oversaturated market?

At this point watching your arguments is just painful.

@espectalll Being expedited into a pro league in 4 days after appearing suggests bias more serious than excitement on the part of the league. And the quote at 7:17 was about the media outlets, not the average person. I get what you're saying and there is certainly more nuance to the situation, but I think you're being a little unfair.

Also it may be that Blizzard knew about Elli beforehand youtube.com/watch?v=xVn7sp6h0G


@dogtime > And the quote at 7:17 was about the media outlets, not the average person

Expected that response from someone - however he said "people" and it seems to also imply those who were complaining over places like Twitter and trying to defend Ellie.

If Blizzard knew beforehand that's a different issue than I was talking about, and I don't know what to expect. I was actually worried this whole time it was an attempt at coming out as trans as someone commenting there says, but I doubt it.

@dogtime ("this whole time" == "since I first heard Pewdiepie talking about fake girls")

@espectalll >however he said "people" and it seems to also imply those who were complaining over places like Twitter and trying to defend Ellie.

I didn't get that impression since he connected it with, "and run that as a headline." And if he did hint at more I think the context would apply that to the ideologically charged part of social media, especially when paired with the news media whose intense bias he's so used to.

@dogtime of course that's more specific towards the media, but the media isn't "people" overall


I brought up Blizzard to show how sketchy things may have been on the side of the league, but yeah that's diving into something else. And yeah, I don't think it's a coming out attempt at this point. I'd imagine Punisher would have told those involved the truth if that was the case, but who knows.

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