I want to use Univers as a font for future work but there's no open source version :crying:

Wait, apparently Univers has been open sourced as part of Ghostscript

it was a lie, the AFPL isn't a true open source license... πŸ€”

should I assume there's no contradiction in this other LICENSE file?

Alright, talked with some Artifex engineers

[insert Roblox oof]

Here's the thing: Robin_Watts (apparently Robin Watts :blobcatsurprised: ) and kens (apparently Ken Sharp) have told me over IRC that the fonts are only licensed to Artifex by URW with the condition to have it shared as AFPL. That means that a new license from the creators (with the corresponding money and willingness) would be required for them to offer it as AGPL or anything else. :thinking_very_hard:

The conversation should appear at ghostscript.com/irclogs/2018/0 eventually.

OK so I contacted URW back then to see if perhaps they could accept licensing as e.g. AGPL.

I still didn't get any sort of reply :cookieqt:

I'm so extremely tempted by Univers but it's just so frustrating that there's no true FOSS version :crying:

So according to two links I've found, there's an open font called Universalist-std

but I can't find that

@vaartis that's exactly the idea, I drew over a He-Man frame :blobcatcoffee:

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