Please, let's all take a brief but deeply intellectual and profound moment to appreciate this true genuine, masterful, elevated piece of artistic expression

@espectalll omfg is that a furry porn website ? cause all those profile pictures are fucking cursed

@adidal well yup! it's a general-purpose furry picture board... but it's 99'9% porn (you can visit the SFW version tho,

>sfw version of a furry porn website
nice try dude but i ain't gonna fall for this trap.

@adidal you can search it up and see it's not a joke, it's just the same website but disabling results tagged as NSFW

ok so once again, how do you message without typo thx

@anjum it's tagged "female" because female-presenting breast shapes, sorry


@Ste1lar I'm having the same issue, so I click on the link to each toot and it becomes very :blobcouple:

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