I just realized the Fedora website is incredibly unintuitive for first time users lmao

"Fedora 29 released! Get it now."

ok *clicks*

*giant blog post appear, most people don't even bother from this point onwards*

"So go to getfedora.org and download it now"

*eternal cycle intensifies because you didn't scroll a bit on the page, expecting the "get it now" link to be the download one*

OpenSuse isn't much better, it shows no buttons by default and doesn't explain why you should choose either Tumbleweed or Leap. elementary OS is the most straightforward but it doesn't make it superobvious that it can be downloaded for free. Linux Mint doesn't tell you outright what "LMDE" is, and then it makes you choose between 32 and 64 bit versions of Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE (at least it hints at Cinnamon 64 as default). Manjaro has a bit weird tutorial page which even made me feel lost.


The only big "drunk-oriented distros" that seem to meet the basic job of letting people download the thing are, in best-to-worse order, Debian, elementary OS and Ubuntu. Everyone else (I can think of) sucks at it. If we then take into account installers, then Debian is out as well, although that should change in version 10.

Actually, eOS makes you fill your credit card details by default – that requires less brainpower but asks you to make the effort to move the body out of the computer screen. So worse then Ubuntu, I guess.

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