@rice @xj9 ping me if you can, I'd be interested in listening in. @dtluna
@espectalll @rice @dtluna @dude

we're on sunshinegardens.org mumble (not sure when the chat will start yet)
@xj9 @espectalll @rice @dtluna @dude I have mixed feelings about this alternative internet concept. I foresee a problem where if all the liberty-minded people emigrate to another place, they'll lose influence on Internet 1 and Internet 1 will be lost faster and more thoroughly, and then governments will manufacture consent to outlaw all other internets, like they do with DarkWeb/TOR/etc. They control the hardware infrastructure, and may ban encryption or other galaxy-brain ideas, to make Internet 2 physically impossible/intractable.

Then again, cryptocurrency seems to have broken through the criminal/terrorist/must-be-banned FUD, mostly. But that's because the normies started getting on board. For better or worse, we need to win over normies, or there will be nowhere left to retreat to.
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