so, I tried to uninstall all trash from a test account in my Xperia, including Google Play Services...

so uhh

the Play Store icon is still there

I don't like this

hey, at least I can disable it

and I did just that

so uhh

I think I uninstalled the only way to install APKs...?

I guess it's com.google.android.packageinstaller

yeah, on a non-Google Android system it should be com.android.packageinstaller, but maybe Google modified the APK installer?

alright new user

and it SUCCEEDED!?!


btw the Play Store is actually called com.android.vending

uninstalling that too

this is so forbidden and good it must be lewd

sorry for not CWing

wow lewd 

this is what a Google-less unrooted Xperia looks like on first boot

wow lewd 

On the left, my regular account, has Google.

On the right, my test account, has no Google.

Now, there's things that are left unanswered for now. Can you uninstall Play Services with an already used account? Can you run adb somehow before the phone boots up for the first time, so you can make sure you have a 100% clean Android session? Can you automate the deletion every time you add an account, particularly with guest accounts? Is there any hidden backdoor I have yet to notice?

This is still amazing though, mind you

can't install microG, guess that if you uninstall Play Services you are opting out of all apps that require it

WhatsApp seems to work without Play Services, I'm not willing to give them a number to try out tho. I do know things such as location should be based on it tho :thinkingcat:

Is there any specific Play-only app I should look at?

A cute detail of the Aurora Store is that it tells you whenever apps are GSF (Play Services) dependent or not

Sadly, most Play apps aren't, and most GSF dependent apps will unavoidably crash

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wow lewd 

@calm ah stop you're gonna make me cum :blobcatblush:

wow lewd 

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wow lewd 

@calm you should fuck your computer tbh, it deserves it for delivering you the good news

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@espectalll Location *can* be provided by Google services, but it can also be provided purely by the GPS in your phone if you don't have the Google provider installed (in that case location will take a longer time to get a fix and only work outside, but it'll still work)

@espectalll and it's possible to install Mozilla's location provider instead and use their WiFi database for assisted GPS

@vurpo ...but if Whatsapp tries to create a map using Google Maps, will that work?

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@espectalll microG replaces GPlay, so no, it should be installed when you have removed GPlay Services. And also signature spoofing needed

@espectalll does if you have spoofing in your ROM, which presumably you don't. Hence you need root for XPOSED spoofing patch.

@espectalll oh jibbers, would love to do this but i still need whatsapp and stuff. :)

@claudiuscluever WhatsApp may in fact work! Try it out by creating a second user account (if you need help I'll publish proper instructions)

@claudiuscluever (also tip: you can share stuff between accounts, like Whatsapp backups, by putting it at android/obb)

@espectalll will check back in with you when i am on lineageOS, thanks so far!

@espectalll does this work just like that or do you need root/a certain version of android/a phone from a relatively nice company like Sony? Just adb?

@claudiuscluever I don't know if it has to be a nice company specifically, although I wouldn't be surprised. All I know is that I did this specifically not to need root.

@espectalll no, that's just a GUI client for the real installer

@bugaevc I know, but there's no other way to install APKs on a secondary account in an unrooted Android

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