Here's the deal.

⚠️ Focus cannot be forced, yet I need to work in lots of things that don't naturally come out on my mind. The more I fear and find myself unprepared, the more energy I spend and the less I can focus.

βœ… Make sure I don't even need to think about working and just go ahead and do it. Keep building a virtuous cycle of habit and confidence. Trigger this by properly distributing time and preparing my work environment beforehand.


The only thing left is to solve that one part, and everything else should follow along like a domino. Everything seems to point at scheduling, but my head can't help but see red alerts everywhere with that idea, in particular because schedules are usually so rigid, with very specific hours to work on. I have little time to experiment on it, so I hope I figure it out.

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128 days later: this + sleeping properly (including not minding to close my eyes for like 5 minutes after an hour of work) is working out!!!

Last steps are keeping up with homework/schedules (almost there) and stop repressing myself (wow good luck m8)

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