Want to stay in control over your documents even when sharing content over a public link? Try secure view to remove the download option!

@nextcloud > Secure view

either you're blocking the content with a DRM'd canvas being displayed within a sandboxed web browser that doesn't let users read and parse the fetched data, on a properly restrictive OS... or maybe calling it "secure" is a bit of a stretch?

@espectalll @nextcloud kind of how Twitter "stops" you from viewing someone's tweets when they block you

@vurpo @nextcloud kind of how Mastodon "stops" you from viewing someone's toots when they block you

@vurpo @nextcloud well, it does for public/unlisted toots – (if your server behaves like a good citizen) you can't see private posts or DMs, but that's just like not being able to look at a locked account on Twitter or any DMs there

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