Petition to remove the ability for JavaScript to manipulate scrolling from all web browsers


Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

@sir Petition asking people to disable JS on their own

@espectalll @sir The problem with this is that many sites for some reason depend on having JavaScript enabled. If people would use JavaScript to “upgrade” a normal site, and have it still completely usable without JavaScript, this would be a viable solution.

@tyil @sir many use modern client-side frameworks like React or Vue - if we make pressure by actively rejecting JavaScript, it's obvious developers will slowly push more towards progressive enhancement and running the least client-side code possible

@espectalll @sir That’d be a fun idea, if it worked. Many privacy and security minded people have been pushing against more JS in the browser for a while, yet the opposite of what you pose is happening. And honestly, if I need to use a government or banking website, and they require JS, I don’t have much choice but to enable it.


@tyil @sir I just use NoScript, while it doesn't give as fine grained control as uMatrix (also a thing) it works well with containers

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