Smol things I hope Firefox gets over with really soon:

- backdrop-filter:
- Light/dark mode toggle on the web inspector:
- Dark theme support on plaintext pages:
- Fixing Firefox Color and broken themes:

That's pretty much it. Basically fix these and Firefox will be pretty much perfect feature-wise (imho).

actually, seems like I forgot two big things that Firefox is missing

- Desktop Progressive Web Apps:
- HTML imports - sadly it's deprecated and there seems to be no consensus on what to do there, so not Mozilla to blame

actually there's something else I just noticed Firefox is missing: preloading (aka loading stuff before the page starts rendering)

yeah, it's not *essential*, but let's hope they get around it soon as well

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so, in 6 days, in a summer week:
- backdrop-filter implemented
- PR open for dark mode button
- who cares about dark mode in plaintext lol
- PR open for fixing Firefox Color, being approved

not bad

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