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so uhh

the Play Store icon is still there

I don't like this

hey, at least I can disable it

and I did just that

so uhh

I think I uninstalled the only way to install APKs...?

yeah, on a non-Google Android system it should be, but maybe Google modified the APK installer?

alright new user

and it SUCCEEDED!?!


btw the Play Store is actually called

uninstalling that too

this is so forbidden and good it must be lewd

sorry for not CWing

wow lewd 

this is what a Google-less unrooted Xperia looks like on first boot

wow lewd 

On the left, my regular account, has Google.

On the right, my test account, has no Google.

Now, there's things that are left unanswered for now. Can you uninstall Play Services with an already used account? Can you run adb somehow before the phone boots up for the first time, so you can make sure you have a 100% clean Android session? Can you automate the deletion every time you add an account, particularly with guest accounts? Is there any hidden backdoor I have yet to notice?

This is still amazing though, mind you

can't install microG, guess that if you uninstall Play Services you are opting out of all apps that require it

WhatsApp seems to work without Play Services, I'm not willing to give them a number to try out tho. I do know things such as location should be based on it tho :thinkingcat:

Is there any specific Play-only app I should look at?

A cute detail of the Aurora Store is that it tells you whenever apps are GSF (Play Services) dependent or not

Sadly, most Play apps aren't, and most GSF dependent apps will unavoidably crash

Trying to give a try to uninstalling Play Services with my main account, I just realized why it's not possible: it's set as a device owner (the closest thing to root in a non-rooted Android), which cannot be undone unless from inside the app itself - something that I doubt Google wants me to do.

So yeah, only three ways to properly uninstall Play Services:

- find an exploit in the Play Services app,
- find an explot in Android itself, OR
- wipe the device

There's also another challenge: if you uninstall every input method provided by the system, you won't be able to type your password in an encrypted phone unless ADB is enabled.

Yeah, I don't know how to feel about this one.

Actually, that only applies with safe mode, so I think we're safe here

This phone is basically begging to be wiped, I'll do a few more backups and then I'll dab on em spies

Current mood: struggling to find out how to prevent the Play Services from becoming the device owner

Apparently you need to do NFC provisioning to set a device owner... and how do you do that?

So, you have to put the phone in contact with an NFC device (like another phone!) in order to a device owner. However, you still need to be able to somehow install the device owner APK... how can you do that if you don't even have ADB...?

Apparently it can download the device owner/device policy controller/admin app from the Internet. I'm afraid it probably relies on Google Play for that, though.

what the hell, apparently there's even a more unknown QR provisioning mode



Installed a demo app. The moment of truth, let's see if I can uninstall Play Services with this one!

Basically, I just tried to uninstall every Google package except and, I think that was it

oh god

I just realized a mistake of mine

there's no camera app in here and I don't know why???


Maybe adb shell cmd package install-existing can do it

Yup! That worked!

It should also work as a way to restore Play Services, funnily enough - so that's pretty flexible!

Just decided to randomly try out Jami (ex-Ring) again since I need an SMS client for Android

oh hey it looks SLICK

ยท ยท Web ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 1

Also works way better than before at a first glance, everything synced seamlessly

Apparently though it's a phone app but not an SMS app?

OK, so two things: first, I found a cute FOSS SMS client, it's called QKSMS

Second, Jami has a really really good way to manage profiles and devices that keeps it all secure and P2P and nice - just make sure to keep your password safe and it's all :blobcatmelt:

I really really want to try out Jami with someone right now - I know I won't be using it daily because it lacks stickers, though :blobuwu:

I also noticed their official fedi account is here on

top 10 epic fail gamer moments

Decided to try out Etar as my calendar app.

It's Pretty Darn Goodโ„ข๏ธ

I can also set it to "all day" and It Just Worksโ„ข๏ธยฉ๏ธยฎ๏ธ

damn, this is may be better than Google Tasks :blobcatrainbow:

The fact that this is hosted without something like Google and yet seamlessly syncs to all my stuff feels amazing as well

(keep in mind NetGuard reports so much battery usage in part because all web traffic is filtered through it)

In the meantime I have: downloaded and installed apps like OSMand, read articles, watched/scrolled through videos on 4G, listened to hours of music with Bluetooth headphones, connected a keyboard and an USB drive (but yeah, the screen usage is low)

powered by a year old, 2870 mAh battery

lately it was lasting for half a day of usage, probably because of spending energy blocking Play Services - but with a regular setup, it would last for a day as long as I didn't use it much

I would say that now that I have uninstalled Play Services, seeing the initial results, it should be able to last for 2-3 days without recharging, even when actively used for stuff like video playing/recording. Stay tuned :blobuwu:

funny to think that, even without Any sign of Play Services, Internet usage is still the #1 cause of battery drain. If I had used the phone more actively though, that may have changed to the screen.

ok phone is in 2%, I doubt it's lasting 3 or 4 more hours, I'm charging it :blobuwu:

@espectalll What do you sync it sync via? I know if you have Nextcloud and DAVDroid then it syncs the calendar to other devices via that, and if you have Google services installed then it can use that also

@espectalll I can't be bothered to fix that first sentence

@kurisu basically, no Play Services + battery saving mode + making sure I don't leave the network/phone on when I don't need to

@pony That's what happens when an app provides a black UI option

and it's great

@a_breakin_glass yes, it used to be called Ring... and before that, SFLPhone

@espectalll real "yeah, let's not mention our system requirements on our fucking website" hours

@espectalll mainly because it doesn't work on any OS X versions less than 10.11 and I have no clue why

@a_breakin_glass oh, I should check that out on my macOS, I think it should work

@a_breakin_glass tbh that should only be required for packagers and other people who will read the compile instructions nowadays

@espectalll though that's mainly because package management on osx is a mess

@a_breakin_glass hmm, for that I guess you should try Homebrew Cask, which does have Jami

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