Which browser is consuming much more power than competitive ones? @3rik presenting interesting numbers and thoughts on #digital #sustainability in connection with #FreeSoftware at the @fsfe GA.

So, what's your guess?

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe I would guess Chrome-Firefox-some WebKit thingie, probably

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe people love to say the most power hungry must be Chrome, but that's based on false assumptions since bloat (SLOC, binary size, RAM usage) =/= power usage, and clearly all major browsers aren't this disproportionately bloated

@mxmehl @3rik @fsfe it could also be the case that you compared a major browser against very simple ones like w3m or lynx - in which case I'll be surprised they use more than 0.1% CPU tbh :blobcatsip:

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