tbh I've been interested for a while in trying out a vegetarian/vegan diet, but I would easily get called a commie if I started rejecting meat lol (also, a vegan one would very much likely need supplements and medical oversight, which isn't that nice)

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@Ste1lar I love how they barely think about flights, I assume because they're so used to them lol

@Ste1lar ye, and I guess they can't replace kerosene-powered planes with ✨ green ✨ clean electric planes anytime soon lol

@espectalll batteries not powerful enough, and not enough power to last a flight

@Ste1lar not just that (I'm honestly not sure that's the key issue), but batteries probably weight a lot more than a fuel engine and kerosene

@Ste1lar @espectalll batteries suck compared to fuel that's simply a fact that you can't deny. Fuel is much more energy dense then batteries.
@Ste1lar @espectalll yeah but I'm pretty sure that nobody wants to fly around with atomic bomb near them

@kitsune @espectalll @Ste1lar fun fact: reactors and nuclear bombs are very dissimilar and doesn't easily convert into each other

@uint8_t @espectalll @Ste1lar well I know that but the fact is that both of them can explode and no I don't think that having one on the plane is a good idea.
@uint8_t @Ste1lar @espectalll we could talk all day about stuff like uranium 235 and how the nuclear reactors work. Nuclear energy is the future and I'm not gonna deny that because the energy you get from it is way greener then what you could get from other sources.

@kitsune @espectalll @Ste1lar some designs can't "explode" and the danger does not come from the nuclear part, it's the aviation part
An aircraft crash enhanced with actinoides sounds even less fun than the regular burning JET-A version

@uint8_t @espectalll @Ste1lar that's what I meant by it's not the best idea to have one on the plane. Yes planes work fine most of the time but they do crash too
@uint8_t @Ste1lar @espectalll And so is building one in the place where tectonic plates collide

@kitsune @espectalll @Ste1lar it wasn't even the earthquake that wrecked the Fukushima plant, rather the mismanagement (and the tsunami)

@kitsune @espectalll @Ste1lar if the options are burning Australian coal, or nuclear over a fault line, I take the (properly engineered) nuclear

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@espectalll @Ste1lar we can totally make carbon neutral synthetic kerosene, it's just expensive

@espectalll @Ste1lar for example, bio-naphtha made from wood
We only need sustainable forestry

Or growing energy grass, turning it into methane in anaerobic conditions, and either burning that liquified methane directly in airplanes, or further processing it into heavier hydrocarbons

But if we got plenty of cheap and carbon neutral electricity, we could electrolyse water for H2, harvest atmospheric CO2 and turn that into methane with the Sabatier reaction

@espectalll @Ste1lar the fact that people believe plastic bags have such an impact scares me.

You would get called commie if you started rejecting your liberty to eat whatever you want like now. owo

@espectalll I'd rather do all the others than give up meat.

@m4iler Is it really that worth it? Especially since science is at a point where it can apparently make soy look, feel, bleed and taste like meat

@m4iler ...I don't know how long before there's vegan steaks, but I don't know, I don't think that some really good flavors are worth animals short term and people long term dying (and having many other kinds of issues due to climate change) for?

@espectalll Well, there are people who can't take soy (me), plus if we hadn't bred chickens/pigs/cows to eat, they'd go extinct.

@m4iler Good point on the soy, although I would expect more things to come later on, and again I don't think feeling flavors should be the biggest priority. And the chickens/pigs/cows going extinct thing... no, they could become rarities, but they're already too well known, appreciated and even available to go extinct. Same argument is used here for bulls with toreo and I don't believe no one would ever want to take care of them, nor find ways to profit off them.

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