@intherain @aral If I have to complain, I wish it was a bit less crammed and a bit more more evidence-oriented speech where hard data was provided on the business model and ethical behavior of the industry, so it doesn't just look like a guy ranting because the EU gives money to big companies and not to him (not what I think at all!).

Personally, I think we owe the Internet as the free, creative global communications platform to laws like Section 230. But I also wonder how worth is it.

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@intherain And @aral, I think you made a severe mistake. You didn't account for politicians' interests in big numbers with big taxing income. Small companies are absolutely the way forward, but you need to show how that looks like in the greater picture as something economically worthy, something to aspire for and not just "the correct thing you must do even if it's boring or annoying", to break the temptation of letting giant monolithic sources of income impose and show actual excitement.

@intherain @aral I know I know, that kinda sounds like stuff Silicon Valley does, but I don't think trying to make people feel positive about ethical change isn't an unethical or unattainable thing.

That's it, otherwise great job and thanks for speaking up :blobcatsip:

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