I've been constantly looking up Julia and its juicy promises since back in 0.4, I keep coming back but I always find the same issue

the egregious loadtimes

...it's still going to be ridiculously slow, isn't it?

(keep in mind: this is a Surface with a decent SSD!)

Oh great, Julia doesn't know whenever packages have failed installing and are broken... even if caused by Ctrl-C

At least you can do Pkg.build to amend broken packages, apparently

Load times have definitely improved and are now acceptable... but that is still slow.

lol it was just an exclamation mark that shouldn't be there


this is what programming was invented for

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honestly, Julia seems like fun, I forgot that

I'll now share this script to my Mac and see how it performs

Slow, but decently.

If you deliver the dependencies as precompiled packages in distros, I can see this working out well.

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