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A screenshot of a Wikipedia entry for "Galactic algorithm", and a meme below.

The Wikipedia entry reads:

A galactic algorithm is one that runs faster than any other algorithm for problems that are sufficiently large, but where "sufficiently large" is so big that the algorithm is never used in practice. Galactic algorithms were so named by Richard Lipton and Ken Regan, as they will never be used on any of the merely terrestrial data sets we find here on Earth.

An example of a galactic algorithm is the fastest known way to multiply two numbers, which is based on a 1729-dimensional Fourier transform. This means it will not reach its stated efficiency until the numbers have at least 2 to the power 1729 digits, (vastly) more digits than there are atoms in the universe. So this algorithm is never used in practice.

The meme below is part of the 'expanding brain' meme, with a humanoid figure floating in space, surrounded by stars and galaxies. The meme reads "Multiplying two integers, better do a 1729-dimensional fourier transform"

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@espectalll @clacke

It's funny because I wrote an image description myself to avoid this :)

@luna @clacke honestly you made it way too long imho, but that doesn't excuse anyone either, including myself, but hey I was just going on the bus with little battery on the phone :blobderpy:

@espectalll @clacke "way too long" it's a two paragraph screenshot of a wikipedia entry

@luna @clacke that and the further paragraphs explaining the meme quite too formally? if I had uploaded it at home I would have just linked to the Wikipedia article and explained the meme as briefly as possible

@espectalll @luna Disagree, it was great. The only thing wrong with the transcript and description was that they didn't reach my instance. πŸ˜€
@luna @espectalll Yeah this nonsense could have been avoided had I been following you.

Root cause identified and corrected. πŸ˜€

@espectalll That doesn't make any sense since you 'compare' WHAT you do with one way HOW to do it....

Maybe memes just don't have to actually make sense..... ^^

@pino_ac the joke is that it's such a ridiculous way to do the computation, it's beyond mere mortals

@espectalll yesss, sure, got it... But the wording is a bit weird in that what vs. how comparison...

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@espectalll is there any galactic algorithm for double-sha256 calculations?

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@bstacey @[email protected] Maybe if we ask it enough times it will learn eventually. =)

Actual readable transcript and description at hellsite.site/@luna/1033010799… .

@bstacey congratulations, you got bronze on the race to request OCRBot to scan this meme :blobparty:

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