is now 9 hours late

help me I need a new server

15 hours late

If by Friday this keeps going I'll have to move out urgently

Notifications arrive 11 hours late, for some reason

It's now getting close to 2 days delay. I'm sorry I'm not here much but it's unbearable and I have to deal with studies. A migration will be happening.

@espectalll What do you need? Like, you need hosting or something?

@paco definitely hosting, I want to run my own (Pleroma?) instance and that requires time and money

@espectalll i can probably get you some free hosting. I work with a co-op in northern Virginia. I have a xen box where I could create you some VMs

@paco oh, that would be really great, thanks! Please tell me about any details and requirements to take into account, would be great to give it a chance this weekend if it's not asking too much

@tromino my own instance, hopefully I can just migrate it all after verifying the server will be fine

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