@codewiz also, comparing the early 2000s to the decades ahead is quite questionable

@espectalll Why? Because they have better competition from other distros now than in the 2000s?

I believe Linux has more users today than 20 years ago, but it's hard to prove it with data if you disagree.

@codewiz No, because emails have probably been much more necessary back then, I doubt there's any correlation considering Debian is obviously more popular and important than back then

@espectalll @codewiz Ah, lmao. what a name!

Good name though.

So I assume they using GitLab issues etc. Instead of emails or what?

Or does Gitlab have a forum plugin of some sort now?

@deavmi @espectalll salsa.debian.org has been around since early 2018, so it can't explain the steady decline in mailing-list traffic from 2003 on:

@codewiz @deavmi yeah, which is also not explained by a decline in usage, packages, maintenance or relevance either

@deavmi @codewiz It has鈥 a lot of things. They're using both mailing lists and GitLab tickets as well as tracker.debian.org and they're even trying out Discourse and Pleroma.

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