ok I must sleep, today will be a busy day~ :blobcatmelt: 💤

@sean The only thing I've seen done with it is PureDarwin, and I don't really see a purpose on it

Hey, BTW, you like videoclips doing cool stuff? Remember the Japanese group WORLD ORDER with their slow mo robotic dancing?

This has slow mo. And holy cow is that really not CGI I'm watching rn mo. youtube.com/watch?v=QoNx1P6nMo

wait HOLD ON can we talk about the 3 cameras in the back

are we doing 3D videos with that or something

that's the Samsung Galaxy A6s. And I'll admit, I like that turquoise tone. Can't say much else yet, except that it's a Samsung and thus it'll still have Samsung software.

is designing colorful anodized aluminum phones like Sony cool now because Apple does it or something?

Dear Hollywood people: adapt your movies to the material you're given. Not the other way around. You make it all a lifeless mess.

@hirnbrot that's from Warner & Legendary Entertainment, here we have the guys who've done Fast & Furious (Original Film) and Avatar (Blur Studio) along with a videogame adaptation company (DJ2 Entertainment) and SEGA's own animation studio (Marza, did a cool Unleashed short)

@hirnbrot that's kinda what I expect from looking at it, really

Found out why GNOME Shell didn't work

It was because it didn't like my edited ICC color profile

oh yeah, just remembered I'm going to suffer because my ideas should be heavily based on non-hierarchical filesystems, metadata, version control and databases


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